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Lone Wolf Ninja

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Execution 5 Points

Destroy a guard


Pull a Guard

Novice 5 Points

Complete Level 5

Ray's Rose 5 Points

Collect a red rose

Combatter 10 Points

Complete Level 10

Note Collector 10 Points

Collect all of the sticky notes

TB Top Hat 10 Points

Collect a Top Hat

Gameception 25 Points

Win a game within a game

Ninja 25 Points

Complete Level 15

Sweetie Pie 25 Points

Collect all three pies

Assassin 50 Points

Beat the story mode

Master Assassin 100 Points

Complete All Extreme Missions

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Professor Sinister started researching mind control. In his research, he found that he could develop a massive world wide mind control experiment gaining him control of the entire world. Word has gotten out of Professor Sinister's plan and it is up to you to stop him!

Make your way through the 20 levels in story mode.
Be on the top of the leader board in Rampage mode.
Test your true ninja skills by conquering the 20 Extreme Missions.

Added a bar next to ninja controls that you can adjust to change the delay between you hitting an arrow key and the ninja moving.

All the way to the left is insane sensitivity
All the way to the right is grandpa sensitivity

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Why aren't there any sound options? slightly annoying.

swishcheese responds:

There is a volume control in bottom right. On top right there is option to turn off sound and sfx.

Great game - fairly challenging. Controls are OK - really needed that ninja control bar: some levels I've got the delay set really short (need for speed!), most levels need it set fairly long (not too long - otherwise keys are not responsive enough!), and quite a few levels I've got to flip between short/semi-long - wish I could assign a hot key for this: kind of like a dash/step button (or run/walk!?!).

Took forever to work out how to interact with the terminal on Floor 1 (Hint: you need the Rock Crusher first!). In the end it was obvious (just got to read ALL the text on the terminal). Note: you will need to access this terminal to be able to get the frypan on Level 15, get the pie on Extreme 11, and to be able to complete Extreme 8!!! And don't -shutdown Teleports - I did and now many of the Story mode levels are unplayable, and there is no way to undo this!! But at least I can speed run Level 19...

Love the use of guards as quasi-boulders. Frypan rocks too! (But I agree it is an overpowered beyond-end-of-game item). Can't do many of the levels without both pieces of armor: leave "Auto Equip Suitable Armor" ticked: armor is not destroyed, just used for that instance. The temporary bulletproof effect from getting hit is especially important on many Extreme levels - particularly Extreme 4 - can't do this without all three hits used to maximum efficiency...

And it did not feel like a precision ninja assassination - all those unfortunate dead mind-controlled guards - and boss battle at the end was basically a full frontal assault - very little stealth & misdirection - really needed that final scene to sneak up on Professor Sinister to finish him off - but at least the whole building got blown up - tick for precise demolition!

swishcheese responds:

Thank you for great review. Sorry I that i could not add a stealth attack on Professor Sinister. I really wanted to put an end cut scene in there, but my art skills are lacking. But glad you still enjoyed the explosion. Thanks for playing.

It's ok, I geuss,

swishcheese responds:

Thanks, I guess.

pretty fun game over all. I like the trick with shutting down the guards. pretty hard game, still having trouble with extreme levels 9, 15

based on the fact that most stuff still works when you go to the extreme missions i get the feeling you aren't supposed to be able to shut down stuff there, but i can still shut down one thing, a major game breaker, both at finishing the missions and preventing you from finishing others. not sure if this was intended.

swishcheese responds:

Thanks for playing! And pointing that out. What you are talking is now fixed. You got 9 and 15, keep trying. I also added sensitivity bar for the controls.

The controls need more control, that's why they are called CONTROLS!

I keep over shooting my mark, as a result I cant even pass the second effing level dammit

swishcheese responds:

Try unchecking the ninja controls. In tight areas or when just want to move 2 or 3 spaces, tap the arrow keys. If you try holding down the arrow keys in tight areas (and do not have ninja reactions) you are sure to over shoot your mark.