Submarine path

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Control submarine. On your way to meet obstacles, fuel, oxygen, money, octopuses. Maneuver from obstacles. Shoot the octopus, they are enemies of the submarine. Between game levels is a shop. Found money for the store to buy a supplement. Control the submarine with the mouse. Mouse click for surfacing submarine and torpedo launch. Use torpedoes that would shoot octopuses.


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Wasn't that into it... sorry, but the graphics need a lot of work and i didn't really understand how you were supposed to control the ship?


Nice game.

I imagine English may not be your first language? No worries. (:

Here are some changes to consider for your instructions:

"Move the submarine left and right using the mouse. Hold down the mouse button to ascend. Release the button to descend. This button also fires your torpedoes. Do not crash into the cave ceilings or floors. Collect fuel and oxygen to stay alive. Collect money to buy items at the shop, which appears after each level. Collect a heart to gain an extra life. Shoot the octopus, as they are enemies of the submarine. Use your torpedoes to destroy the octopus."

I like the how the flow of the game continues after getting killed, as well as the grace period.

The game is a little soft on the sound effects. Consider using more exuberant sounds to make the game more engaging.

The vector art is simple, but looks good. I particularly the rocks in the background. I also like the parallax scrolling you have set up.

The gameplay is a little too simple. While I really liked the "boss" octopus that appeared, perhaps add another item, and another enemy to make it more challenging. Also, does it really need oxygen _and_ fuel? Perhaps, consider combining those into one, "resources", or something like that. Also, I'm guessing that when you purchase either in the shop, it allows to gain more of that resource when picked up in the level?

Otherwise, it looks like a good game, and has a fair amount of polish added to it. It just needs to have a little more variety to it to keep it challenging.

Good skill on your game. (:

- Ziro out.

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3.50 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2014
10:14 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight