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I am Sonic

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A different style of animation by me, myself and I.
Also trying out Newgrounds preeloader in preperation for Metal F-ck Ac!d: Sons Of Bitches (MFA: Sons Of Bitches is finished. I'm working on a "Behind the scenes" movie to release alongside the Flash.)

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What makes this more hilarious is that this guy is ten times better than most Sonic OCs.

LOL! what a wonderful sonic parody!
i just loved how this huge cat-thing/walrus/bear dude was posing like sonic, and when tails confronted him, he was all like ''yes i am'' and when something cool happened afterwards, tails said ''sonic.'' and he replied to as ''yes?'' hahahahahaha!

glorious parody of sonic, and finally a movie that is a feeling of fresh air amongst the same sonic-themed movies.
your movie is new, original, and funny.
PLEASE do more. you are good.
also the subtitles was a great touch. plz keep it up.
good work! 5/5

Oh man, I totally didn't expect that!

Nice concept, but need to fix the sound, for a moment I couldn't listen what they said.

Hereder responds:

Yea, I do have some serious problems with the sound. I will get a microphone next month I hope.
Another problem I have at the moment is my Mac... Or, my friends mac.. Its in Japanese so I can't figure out how to edit the sound etc on the software I'm running.. Another thing I will try to figure out in the coming weeks...

That was an interesting video. A bit random but interesting nonetheless. Decent job.

Hereder responds: