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Pokémon Exes

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This cartoon would not have been possible without Swivel, give the biggest of props to everyone involved in making that. Music was made by Michael Van Howe (he makes most of my music, if you've seen anything else I've made, he probably did the music for it). Same stuff over on YouTube, you can find it there or not, you already found it here!

I noticed the original starter Pokémon were available in X and Y, and had super-powered versions and were generally better than the new ones, which I thought was odd, what about these new guys? Why would I use them if they can't do the Super Saiyan thing? Because I would have INTEGRITY, that's why. Use the new ones, guys, be good to them.

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Love the "Get the camera!" So accurate!

Great video as always.

I dont even keep my Gen 1 I got from X and Y in my Team I love using my Greninja :3

I catch a lot of Pokemon to complete the Pokedex and my team varies in each game Gen. But I always keep my favorite Pokemon from all Gens.


But now thanks to the new Gen I've been debating my Water and Electric type Pokemons. At first before Gen 6 I would have Feraligator on my team for Water, as for Electric it varied to either Pikachu, Ampharos, Manectric, Zebstrika, or Eelektross. But now I have Greninja and Heliosk in Gen 6 so I guess its kind of difficult to see who I want in my team or not.

I feel like I'm cheating on my Electric types more then my other Pokemon's. The other Pokemon's I just keep around to either evolve later to update my Pokedex database and then store later to send them to another game in the near future.

As for others in Gen 6....well I don't really see any use for them except the starter Greninja. I mean sure he is weak against Fighting types, Bug types, and now the new Fairy types but he's good for other things. Delphox, just seems at a disadvantage. I mean we haven't had a Rock type or Ground type gym in the XY game and with Fennekin not having any moves to help it out against those unlike the other Fire type starters that soon evolved into Fire/Fighting. For my sixth member being Electric type again it varies. I mean my team consist's of having Canine and Reptile like Pokemons so you can see how hard it is for me to have a full team with those kind of Pokemons. And with the new updated Ruby and Sapphire games coming out this fall and new Mega Evolutions (Sceptile becomes part Dragon which makes me love him more now and has Lightning Rod for an ability) this is gonna be even harder for me.

Anyway good parody video here. Really shows the reflective views of some of us when we play some of these Pokemon games.

Lol at the sily genwunner who picked two fire types. Should've gone for Blastoise or Venusaur. Also, pfft female Braixen. Besides mega evolutions aren't everything. Delphox has that amazing special typing and a fairly good move pool. My final team was Lucario, Blastoise, Delphox, Florges, Absol. Although, post game expect the team to fluctuate as you try to fill out the dex and breed for perfect IVs.
For that reason, my Talonflame is practically an honorary party member, along with Mawile who is a combination sweet scenter/false swiper.

My team:

Fire fox's final form cuz i can't remember any more f*-ing names
lucario (caught in wild raised from egg)

thats about it.

then it went to:


now its:

lucario/hm slave/pangoro/other

infernape/luxray/gardevoir/starpator was pretty much my staple team since Platinum on the emulator, carrying over to every gen. Then i met krookodile.

XY came along but i still can't find anyone worthy or the right one to fill the last sixth slot. Pangoro is a maybe but as much of a maybe like lucario and every othr pokemon out there to be honest....

competition wise, this team prob won't get far but meh...

I felt bad that i wasn't using XY pokemon for my team but I just cant dig em.

Pangoro so far has done well, my friend calls him a freaking 'wall' lol. i give him leftovers. i give krookodile rocky helmet. not sure wat the rest shud have.