Zero Sanctum - EP.1

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EP.1 - The Grimm Reaping

Written, Produced & Directed By - Christopher Pitcher
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This passion project was long overdue in my head, but I kept procrastinating for years, then I decided to just put my foot down and go full throttle on this ambitious series, entirely animated in 3D, and using what limitations I have as an advantage to build an epic storyline for the viewers. This was my first lengthy animation, and in the end, I hope all of you enjoy what I've created!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
An unmanned robotic drone, Zero-31, is dropped down into Earth's atmosphere from the hatches of an ominous starship, controlled entirely by an artificial intelligence known as Sparrowhawk. They are hunting for the blips of a mysterious distress signal activated from the surface of the vastly green yet deadly silent planet. What makes this objective strange is that Earth has been proclaimed dead and unoccupied of human life for hundreds of years, and as this signal appears out of the blue, it could hardly be looked over. As Zero-31 searches the outer edge of the slums and with Sparrowhawk watching over him from afar, he soon unveils the breadcrumbs to the puzzling end of what was once a peaceful stronghold to the fallen Sanctum, now only a shadow of a forgotten past. When things go unplanned, Zero-31 finds himself at an impasse, and haunted by a bittersweet voice from within the darkness.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lindsey Lorraine - Sparrowhawk
Robert S. Benjamin - Zero-31
Jackie Florian - Lucy Grimm
Michael Linden - Rioter #1
Charles Garzon - Rioter #2
Brandy Fisher - Rioter #3
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
All Music Provided By - AUDIONETWORK
With all permission to use under a Non-Profitable Production.

& Featuring:

"Far Away"
The Big V
Official Site: www.thebigvmusic.com/
Release Year: 2014

Sound Effects provided by.

// All rights belong to their respective owners. //
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• Autodesk Maya
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Media Encoder
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Watch it in HD on the Official Youtube Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwltpRApvENB_YaJpPSBY8w
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© Christopher Pitcher 2014


Exceptional work here. Professional grade across the board and an epic story unfolding to boot. I encourage everyone to support this series as it makes it conversion over to an audio drama!

wow, this was....impressive.
wonderful 3-d animation, amazing storyline, and some epic action, all combined into a masterfull new sci-fi film, aimed at a robotic explorer who wants to see what has happened to earth after all those years.

now! some questions: (SPOILERS WARNING)
-if lucy grim was a reporter, did she found the broken vial with the virus, or did she created/tested it on subjects and on herself? i thought i heard her saying that it also transformed her, as well.

-WHO is eli almond? (the man's name who's behind the infection, according to lucy grims message)
and if he created the virus, why did he do it?
what happened to him, and what happened to the healthy remaining humans, and to the iinfected humans as well?
and if zero-31 said ''search the name ''eli almond'' and the sparrowhawk said ''the signal gets stronger inside the sanctum (the sphere)'' , then why didnt zero-31 enter the building?
he should enter the building at this point, but he never did.
why is that?

also, what has happened to mankind after all that?

this story seems very good, and i loved all the fight scenes with zero-31 VS the various animals of the planet, while i also loved how he started the briefing of his mission (the animation of the briefing was simply SUPERB, and AMAZING.good stuff)

the part where he asked from sparrowhawk to locate the enemy movement and he was trying to detect/fight the monster animal was perhaps the part with the most suspence in the movie.
his voice was broken, and anxious as he was calling for more help in the motion detection.
excellent work from the voice actor.

it was a good and emotional movie, but i think this needs a sequel, if anything.
i mean at least zero-31 should try and find out what has happened after all that, and who is that ''eli almond'' the message was talking about.

great movie, you have alot of talent,a nd great skills, you should do this professionally if you dont do so already.
excellent work, do more.

holy sheet, how is this under judgement and not on the first page???? for real this is awesome, yeah it may be a bit choppy but for how good it looks without a professional pay, this is fucking. fantastic. period. put this on the front page now newgrounds! this is awesome and new and must be embraced. don't let these guys fade away for we need knew styles like this

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Ctpitcher responds:

Wow, I appreciate the fantastic support! I believe the reason it's quite choppy for Newgrounds, is that I had to convert a massive 1gb file down to fit the requirements. But as long as it's good enough to be enjoyed, that's all that matters to me!

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Jul 14, 2014
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