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Urban Santa

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Author Comments

Use the mouse only for menus, use the arrow keys to play.

Urban Santa has stolen presents from the suburbs, and is delivering them to inner-city kids. Avoid the cops, and deliver the presents to all the kids to win!

If you like the game and want to get in touch with Big Toe Interactive, please email us at btoeinteractive@gmail.com or find us on Youtube at:



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Me gusto mucho este juego!, esta muy bueno.

Remember! This is a rating. The jest is that this is a good game, with a few bad parts, but still a great game. You wanna hear my opinion keep reading. I only got to 2.6. I kept losing. Pity me.

Love the beginning art!♥♥♥♥ Looks totally awesome!!!
Like all good games it starts off slow to get the hang of it. Always love it.
Introduces the enemy and gives you a little more difficulty.
Then the clusterf$#k. Instead of watching out just for flying batons now you have to deal with randomly spawning Billys' (Coppers) that pop up just at the right time to snatch your present.
Then you invincibility items and health cookies. The cookies will get caught up with batons and you can't get them without taken damage. And invincibility only helps you with batons.

4 stars
-1 since it is a game that is repetitive and because of that it gets boring later on.

So it's a good game yet it has no story in it.... unless what you said about him stealing all the presents from the suburbs, and is delivering them to inner-city kids then maybe yeah.
slow form start and gets more challenging later since there is more buildings and cops comes more often.

Maybe a reason why he stole those presents.

I didn't play it till the end since it got a little boring so if there is a reason at the end of the game i apologize, but yeah

--last words--
good luck in the future and keep it up

Starts off a bit slow, but that just helps the learning curve.
with it 106f here, a Christmas game is a welcome switch .

BigToeInteractive responds:

Thank you for your review, we're glad you liked the game.

Like you said, we thought July might be a good time for a bit of winter scenery!

Overall a lot of fun. Can be hard.

BigToeInteractive responds: