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Fetch Me My Sword!

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This is my short animated submission from the 'Sleep Talkers Collab'
Sadly the collab died out - but I had completed my animation for the line - "FETCH ME MY SWORD!" so here goes -

More information about Sleep Talkers Collab

There was a topic on Reddit today about things people have said while asleep.
I think these statements would make a funny animated collab where each animator takes a statement and animates that awkward moment when it happened!

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this is how i feel with due dates when playing flash games. yay

Another collab is ded. That's sad.

This reminds me of an in joke me and my friends had in high school regarding the Shakespeare line,
"Give me my long sword ho!"

devilsgarage responds:

Ho ho ho XD Thanks for the 5 stars!

The graphics and colour combinations are great, voice-overs are fitting, overall animation is very impressive, credits are stunning, humorous animations at the end are pretty cool. All the best!

The best credits presentation style you posses. Cheers!