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The Puzzle Caves

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Survive the depths of the Puzzle Caves in this puzzle script puzzler. Tons of levels that will increasingly challenge your mind, endangering you with monsters and puzzles that will test your skills. Are you up to the challenge? Good luck in The Nodus: The Puzzle Caves.

Puzzle Script is a free scripting engine designed to make puzzle games with locked 5x5 pixel sprites.

This game automatically saves.

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A lovely game and an excellent music. I really miss the music nowadays in your games.

StuartsPixels responds:

Thanks! I will try put some in future games :P

I've seen some games like this lately. This is not bad. Good music.

Interesting game. It's quite simple, but something in it drags you to stay and keep playing it longer. Music is creepy and beautiful at the same time, and I like how the game keeps adding different stuff as you advance, making it more interesting to keep going further and further, just to see, how much stuff there will be for you to find. Now, the problems are, that quite many levels tend to get repetitive, replaying the same puzzle. Also, at the later levels, challenge seems to raise and lower itself up, making other levels hard as fudge, and other ones really easy.

Overall: It's a great puzzle game. It has its faults, but it keeps you occupied for some time.

4 picos and 4.5 stars.

StuartsPixels responds:

Thanks for your honest feedback :) I didn't really do much testing on the difficulty scaling when I made this game, which I probably should have. The latest version has had a few revisions, and many redundant levels removed.

Bonus points for the good and relaxing music.

StuartsPixels responds:

Thanks :)

Thoroughly enjoyed the last 3/4 hour I've spent playing it :-)

It's a straightforward logic puzzler with a well engineered difficulty curve and nice music and aesthetics

I eventually gave up on level 29 because I hit a problem that I couldn't figure out, up to that point it had been a smooth and enjoyable experience

StuartsPixels responds:

Glad you had so much fun :) The latest version has been thoroughly revised, worth trying again.