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Zaeed's Day Off

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"Zaeed's Day Off" is a Mass Effect animation featuring everybody's favorite former Blue Suns mercenary, Zaeed in a quick skit inspired by "The 5th Element".

After being on the backburner for more than a year, I've finally polished this video enough to be released for all to see! Made as my tribute to the late Robin Sachs, whom played Zaeed in the Mass Effect games.

Also go see the 3D 4K version on my channel on YouTube!

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Zaeed is my favorite companion throughout all of ME and I love how you put the Robin Sachs memorial in there.

lol, I could actually see this happening in the game.

This is a wonderful tribute to Robin Sachs and while Zaeed wasn't really in my list of favorite characters from the series this just made me like him alot more. The 5th Element inspiration is very welcome even if it is more or less the same scene with a few changes here and there.

My only criticism I have (and I will try to keep it spoiler free) is there is one part that stands out for having nothing happen for a little bit too long .. I know its in the scene its based on too but 4 seconds felt like quite a long time considering Zaeed isn't really doing anything. Aside from that though, this is amazing.

The animation / visuals are pretty amazing here.
Along with everything else as well!
I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue between Zaeed and the thief.
I hope to see more like it down the road.
Keep up the great work!


Really funny stuff!