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Who's That Pokemon: CCE

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Author Comments

How well do you know the original 149 Pokemon?
Let Professor Oak - oops, excuse me - let Char Aznable put you to the test. Correctly guess all 10 Pokemon and you'll win the day. But watch out, guessing three Pokemon incorrectly means a game over. Yowza!


Made for Newgrounds' Game Jam 10 under the theme "The Unknown". And since Pokemon has used up all colors, minerals, and metals to name its editions I decided to tap Japan's fine tradition of shamelessly co-opting the name and likeness of Neo Zeon's ace commander and everyone's favorite anime character from antiquity for promotional purposes.

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I'm... not a real fan? 😭

BoobMarley responds:

Nothing personal, zoomer. Poke'mon is a millennial's game.
Maybe stick with fornite or 5th edition dnd?

If only it was a real game... somewhat funny though.

BoobMarley responds:

Don't give up!

Misleading game info there are only 3 rounds even if you guess it right it will say you are wrong, the answer it says it claims correct answer is not even in choice. But it will give you the Raiteous Medal in the end. I decompiled the flash game nothing more in it than the 3 fake rounds.
And gamemaker please don't lie and brag that only Pokemon Tru Fans will know how to cross over to further round, cause there is no bigger fan than me I have collected every episode or movie ever made. This game decompiled has 406 frames and just 3 rounds LOL. I know you just misleading people for gameplays but that sir is dishonest and lacks Integrity. I did not expect this from maker of a great game like The Chalice of Marfa, you disappoint me Sir. Please don't deny still and disappoint us further.
Edited after Author Reply- Haha Senor, Action Script contains all features locked or unlocked, I only used "back end" when I noticed dishonesty. I do know each Episode by heart. But we can play this game of denial forever but if your claims have any truth(which we both know they don't) prove me wrong and post a walkthrough.
But I guess you will prove me right by making an excuse for not posting a walkthru or say later or perhaps just ignoring this. ;)

BoobMarley responds:

I admire your dedication, but you can only decompile what you unlocked, my dude. Check the script again and note the access-lock parameters.
All that time wasted trying to cheat by going through the back end (tehehe) could have been spent actually watching the show and memorizing the original 149 poke'mon. I'll be the first to admit that the game can be frustrating, but I think once you cool off a bit you'll able to focus and beat the game. I wish you the best of luck, don't give up!

I give this game 2.5 stars because half of it was funny at first but some players can get teased to continue getting the same boring as hell ending just to think that they can complete this game somehow. But being the person you are, you aren't aware that this game is wasting their time. They put so much effort into nothing. You are also not aware of how pointless this game is with no complete ending or resolution. So I don't know what you mean when you respond with comments like "Congratulations on getting 7/10 correct!" These sentences make people believe that they can go beyond the 3 questions but in reality they can't. Because there is no true end. This game goes on for eternity making it completely boring and baseless.

BoobMarley responds:

This game is for TRUE poke'mon fans. Casuals and posers will definitely have a hard time getting past the first three.
I recommend watching the original show and the first two movies, and then giving the game another shot. You will be pleasantly surprised and rewarded.
To everyone else who's beaten the game - just let this dude work it out the hard way, don't message him the answers.

This game is really funny how it tricks you! I really like your idea for this type of game!

BoobMarley responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it and put forth the effort required to get past those first several hurdles - a lot of people give up way too early.