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Spaceship battle game.

This is my first game in Unity3D. Not yet finished, it's a work in progress.

Only vs. bots mode is working so far, multiplayer is not available.

You may download a desktop version for Win, Mac or Linux here:
>> http://gamejolt.com/games/nitrowarrior/download-distribution/31262/

15 Kills Deathmatch: ==============================

The first one to achieve 15 kills wins.
Collect magic skulls to get different weapons.

Controls: ========================================

Rotate the ship: [←] [→]
Propulsion: [ ↑ ]
Shot: [ SPACE ]

No brakes :-)
To stop give a 180 degree turn and use the propulsion.

Good luck.

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I'll give you a fair review based on the fact that this is admittedly unfinished. Player vs Bot is okay, though I have to see the rest of the game before I comment.

You've done a solid job with the graphics and sound, and the 3D objects are animated very well. The ship designs are cool (particularly the green ship), and battlefield background looks great with that
mist of color. I also thought the floating spaceman was amusing. The skulls look bad-ass.

I can dig the music you used for Deathmatches; it adds levity to the game. But in any other mode -- if you do single-players missions, practice, or story mode-- I would go back to something a little spacier.

I like the different types of upgrades. Instead of just the typical missiles, flamethrowers, and lasers, adding in the asteroid and black hole upgrades makes things interesting.

I enjoyed the scene on the main menu. It makes a little more sense after reading about it in your response below, but the images are pretty creepy, with the "night riders," the flashing lights, and the cars going by. The way they crash and suddenly ascend into the space for battle actually has some story possibilities.

Some issues:

I found the game screen so large that it was unplayable if it wasn't on full-screen mode.

I find the ship hard to control, especially no breaks. I understand reverse-propulsion stops you, but it was a struggle. I rarely had time to change direction and focus my aim on a skull-upgrade, for example, before the AI had suddenly turned around and collected it. I've gotten so few skulls that most of my kills have been with just the photon gun or collisions.

Once the players starts a death match, there's no way to quit back to the menu. Unless I missed something, I had to wait until someone achieved 15 kills or reload the page. I didn't see a pause button either.

I had Ship 1, the red and blue one, stop responding in two separate games. The arrows and the space bar just suddenly stopped working and the ship drifted aimlessly. I though an enemy with a black hole upgrade was causing it, but that doesn't seem to be the case, as Player 3 was moving around fine, and the problem continued after the black hole disappeared.

Periodically, ships run out of ammo, but there's no indicator as to when this will happen or how to solve the problem. Since there's no way to replenish ammo without picking up a skull, the original photon cannon should be unlimited. With the computer stealing all the skulls, the only other way I could see to solve the problem was to waste a life. And if the upgrades are finite, we should see a meter or a counter showing us how many blasts are left.

The AI is a little cheezy. It steals all the skulls even when it has a better weapon, and the way they turn on you at the beginning of the battle is frustrating.

I think I can see an weapon overheat bar under the character hit points. Is that what it is?

Do the black hole do any damage or just throw ships around the screen?

Keep working on it. You're off to an awesome start. I really hope to see the training levels go up soon, because that would be a big help. It was the first place I tried to go. And lastly, ARE you working on a story/mission mode, or is this just meant to be a PvP game?

abranaranxa responds:

Wow, thanks for such an extensive and fair review. I was not so sure about uploading this unfinished, but thanks to comments like yours I'm glad I did it. I'm starting to learn how to develop video games and the feedback is very valuable.

I'm going to reduce the resolution to 800x600, seems to be more appropriate.
Soon I'll release the training levels so that beginners have a chance to practice how to control the ships. Also some aspects of the game should be made more clear during training:

1. The "out-of-ammo" is one of the power-ups given by the skull, it's the only one that actually plays against you. You'll get this as often as the rest of the power-ups, just a little risk to make it more interesting.

2. I removed the "back to main menu" button because the level is designed as a multiplayer match, and one player suddenly quitting would be frustrating for the others. Nevertheless, in vs. bots mode I guess the button could be enabled.

3. That issue with controls ceasing to respond I've observed a few times, not entirely sure why it happens, but I suspect it's some kind of bug which occurs when there are more than one unity web player instances running at the same time.

4. The default "photon gun", and the other weapons too, has infinite ammo. Yes, that bar is for overheat.

5. Black holes do harm you if you are close enough to it's center. You can damage them shooting normally.

AI is cheezy, I agree. The algorithm is very simple:

1. Bots try to hit you,
2. If they are pointing to you, they shoot.
3. If there's a skull somewhere, they forget everything else and try to pick it up.

I will definitely change it. Also, the game eventually will let you level up, and bots will have different intelligence levels too.

The story/mission mode would be interesting, but for now the idea is just a PvP game.

Well, that's all. Thank you again for your comment.

Requires Unity3D plugin i can't play it

abranaranxa responds:

Your comment is useful, thank you. I hadn't realized this could be a problem. I've just uploaded desktop versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, you can download them here:

>> http://gamejolt.com/games/nitrowarrior/download-distribution/31262/

It should be working, please let me know if you have any other issues.

I'm having a lot of fun with this, the control could use a little work but from what i'm seeing the graphic look nice, I like the music, and the power ups are pretty cool. I don't understand the menu screen with the bike but that can be overlooked. This game looks super cool so far so I hope that you can go somewhere with it. Good Luck!

abranaranxa responds:

Thank you very much! I'm still quite unexperienced at this, so I appreciate the feedback a lot. I guess the bikes has nothing to do with the rest of the game.. The truth is that I was trying to practice as many technical issues as possible, and one of them was modelling and animating 3d objects. That bike scene is actually based on a true story, two friends and I were involved in a crash pretty much like the one I recreated.

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Jul 11, 2014
6:13 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional