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This is a serious game. If you manage to reach the end and defeat the final boss, you will realize why.

Controls explained during gameplay.

You may download a desktop version for Win, Mac or Linux here:
>> http://gamejolt.com/games/resist/download-distribution/31169/


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Excellent! This was a great memory/coordination game! I was pretty underwhelmed at first, but when the ENTER key came into play, the game clicked. Even realizing how many missiles go into a Super-missile of a certain color is important in tactical planning. The ending "message" was so cool that I had to look it up on Google to make sure it was actually true! I won't say anything except: the title of the game may have more than one meaning...

I wanted to complain at first that the numbers were too far apart... that is, having to switch between 3 and 0 was difficult, and cheating by using the Numpad was actually even more difficult. However, by the end of the game, I was used to the mechanic and having to move around so much just felt like part of the challenge.

This is a game that you get better at as you play. Because the enemies are randomized, you can't just memorize the pattern. If you want to win, you have to practice for a while and learn how to survive by memorizing which key corresponds to which number --because knowing off the top of your head will help you live longer than checking the bottom of the screen repeatedly-- and developing a method for switching between 10 number keys while using the arrows, the space bar, and "Enter" at the right times. The final boss seems easy at first, but after three rounds... well, I won't spoil what his final trick is.

Not too many issues. You might want to shorten the first level. It went on a bit too long and you might lose some players who see simple graphics and bland gameplay and think, "Well, this sucks," without realizing what the game is really about.

Occasionally, I had a small problem with the arrows and space bar not responding as quick as I needed them to, but it waned with practice and it didn't stop me from winning.

Also, you might want to consider adding some music or some sounds to liven things up. On the other hand, considering how much concentration the game takes, there was something very "Zen" about playing it in silence.

This was fun, challenging, and for a variety of reason, I felt smarter when I finished. You're off to a great start. Can't wait to see more games from you!

abranaranxa responds:

:-) I'm happy to know that you completed it! This is the kind of games I'm planning to create in the future. Thank you very much for the review.

awesome game i love the complexity. the thing i wish was different is how the difficulty doesn't flow. it would be nice for it to slowly get harder instead of it all hitting you at once. upgrades aren't needed but a possibility to give it more play value.

abranaranxa responds:

Thank you, your comment is very useful. I'll have that in mind, so perhaps in a re-release I'll adjust the learning curve.

This is a fun game, I like the concept of how you have to switch to different missiles for different enemies. The lack of music or sound was quite strange though. This game was really cool and original though. It was fun until the game started to kick my ass but i'm sure most people will be a lot better at this game than me. Overall I really like it but I wish the game had sound and music. I'm looking forward to seeing more games from you.

abranaranxa responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe the controls are a bit too hard to use, you are not the first one who has told me that. Maybe I could add some sound/music to it.

Exactly what a game should be. Well done.

abranaranxa responds:

Thank you very much!

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Jul 11, 2014
4:38 PM EDT
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