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Rotor Snake 2 - Battle 2

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Hi I’m Worning on a game called Klokjumper (Rotorsnake 3D ;) the New game is just a Prototype, but you Can trye the prototype here: http://sabik.itch.io/klokjumper

Navigate the rotating stick through some creative and fun Levels , but the real Challenge is to find the fastest route to get the Best time.

-Use mouse - to select level
-Arrowkeys - navigate the snake
-Space - goto next level (or skip a level if you got a skip-Star)
-Enter - Restart the level
-esc - go to the menu

Time-Killers: (Red/Black Box) adds 10 sec. to the time
Hour glass: stop the time for 1 sec.
Skip-Star: a yellow star, pickup the Star with your head, and complete the level to earn a skip (Press space to use the skip, complete the level later, to get the skip back)
Any tile : kills you

:: Known Bugs ::
-Star-medals not unlocked/restart the game to unlock them.
-The bonus levels is filled with bugs ;)
-wrong keys listed in the Off-focus-menu

:: Old version ::
You can trye BETA1 (Battle1) here:

There is a known Internet Explorer browser bug which makes some keys stick when pressed. I promise the problem is not in my game itself, but it's something you can fix if you search for "Internet Explorer Flash Sticky Keys" OR simply use another browser like Firefox. Again, this is not a problem with the code in my game, so if you're experiencing this problem, try one of the aforementioned solutions. Thanks!

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Like the game, even if it is a bit buggy! - How do you get the secret medal though!?