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BUTCHER 5 Points

Kill 10 Mutants

KILLER 5 Points

Kill 10 Bandits


Kill 5 Bots


Kill 10 Insects

HUNTER 10 Points

Kill 20 Insects

MANIAC 10 Points

Kill 20 Bandits

MECHANIC 10 Points

Kill 10 Bots

PSYCHO 10 Points

Kill 20 Mutants

BADASS 25 Points

Kill 30 Bandits


Kill 15 Bots

GUNNER 25 Points

Kill 50 enemies with pistol


Kill Sniper Joe

MADMAN 25 Points

Kill 30 Mutants

PREDATOR 25 Points

Kill 30 Insects

RED CODE 25 Points

Kill Alien Egg

SHOOTER 25 Points

Kill 25 enemies with sniper

WANTED MAN 25 Points

Kill Rusty

ASSASSIN 50 Points

Kill 25 enemies with stealh

BULLEYE 50 Points

Head Shot 25 times

BADLANDER 100 Points

Win the game once

Author Comments

Wasteland is a place where the bandits live. Rusty is the gang leader of all bandits. He is cruelty had spread to a nearby town. And then, came the Hunter to be slaughter all the bandits. All fights will take place in Badland!

'A & D buttons' - Movements
Tap 'A or D buttons' twice - Running
'W button' - Jump
Tap 'W button' twice - Double Jump
Hold 'S button' - Crouch (Focus Aim)

Use 'Mouse' - Aim
Click 'Left Mouse button' - Shoot
'1 button' - Select Weapon I
'2 button' - Select Weapon II (When get sniper)
'SPACE button' - Knife Attack / Talk to NPC
'SPACE button' when behind the enemy - Stealth Attack
'R button' - Reload

'P button' - Paused
'M button' - Mute / Unmute

'Red Arrow' sign - Main Objective
'Ammo Machine' - Get Ammo / Save Point

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ad ... ad in my face all the time good consept bad code

Love it

It rocked my socks off. Good job.

Clunky movement, not-so-stealthy stealth kills, and for some reason after I spoke with the mad scientist in the cage, the enemies became incredibly invincible. Before it was two, three shots to a guy; now it's five clips to a guy. I sat under a platform shooting clips into enemies the entire game (it was impossible to kill them after they became so invincible)

It looks fantastic!

Its such a shame the movement is so clunky - movement on ladders and rope is painfully slow - and often I found myself grabbing onto a ladder when I was actually trying to jump over an obstacle (annoying, because I still haven't made it over the obstacle - easily fixed by not placing obstacles anywhere near ladders), or falling through a platform when I really wanted to crouch (to focus aim - easily fixed by not having enemies near platforms you can fall though). I really do feel this game would have been heaps better if the movement had been more smooth and fluid.

Stealth kills are a odd because I don't really feel stealthy doing them - just need the enemy turned the other way - also nearly impossible to pull off when the enemy is higher up on stairs - and quite often I would end up just slashing the enemy with my knife (mostly from trying to be fast - if you sneak up, and WAIT for "press space" to appear, then it's usually successful). Thankfully enemies are totally stupid - you can even run up to a bandit - push him away from the others, run for cover, wait for him to turn, and stealth kill!!

And I found it odd that I could fire through scenery, boxes, etc, but not certain platforms. Made killing enemies ridiculously easy.

Big minus for making me run around the same locations with some contrived bandit/experiments/alien plot. Yes I thought the plot/story was terrible - especially the appearance of the alien egg - it really needed to be there dormant when you first visit it's location.

Oh yeah - and there was a glitch just below the "terminal 1" sign, if you climb to the top of the left-hand ladder, you fall into the scenery and become stuck (restart required). I missed that rope to get to the right-hand wall the first and second time, so climbed a little too high on that left-hand ladder twice before I realised "oh, use the rope"!

Thought the "footsteps" mechanic to warn of enemies was great! And the audio gets a big thumbs up. Did I mention the game looks fantastic? Well it does!

Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2014
11:08 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun