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Help Hotaru, the firefly, avoid the bugs!

By Rafael C. Pinto & Renato P. Pereira

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Good game.

The medals for getting bugs to collide aren't working for me.

Great as a short little game. Was great that killing bugs/spiders gave even more points. In fact this is the best way of avoiding them - use those wasps as a screen!

Not that great if you expect the average player to play for longer than a few minutes - anything longer than 2 minutes was seriously boring. One big problem is that the longer you play, the less power-ups you get - only got comet/flash/poison within the first minute or two of starting a new game (never on first game after loading). Also, since there are only ever the exact same four enemies (spider, dragonfly, and two wasps) on the screen (you kill one, it respawns), there is absolutely no variety to gameplay, so gets boring really fast. Obviously you could vary the four enemies to make it more interesting. Maybe change the enemy mix at different score levels? Much better than randomly changing the enemy mix!

Another way to keep it interesting, would be to have a big wave every now and then - you might need some kind of wave warning to indicate where the bugs are approaching from for this.

Also would recommend an endgame - maybe after 10 minutes - that would probably be at the limit of this game holding power. You can still have an infinite mode (where the score would be your time, rather than the score!)

Didn't mind the firefly chasing after the cursor - was good to be able to yank the cursor in a direction to have the firefly "sprint" in that direction - but still be able to alter course as required. Yeah I though the movement of the firefly was generally sluggish - but that's part of the challenge!!

This is a really cute way to kill time. Challenging, nice music choice, and adorable icons. I love the extra hearts that appear occasionally (even though they just postpone your eminent demise).

But somehow it kinda lags a lot, and the way that the firefly is dragged behind you doesn't allow for quick last-second turns. And because of these two things it is also difficult to tell if the collision explosions were ME, or the other bugs. Not cool.

Why not put the firefly directly under the mouse, or make the enemy bugs a little bit slower? That way, it's easier to maneuver around!
And I kind of agree with the guy below me. 30 minutes? Dude, this is supposed to be fun, but that's WAY over-doing it. Hell, it's hard to even survive two minutes!

For some reason, the "Low Health" tune from "Wizards and Warriors" (the NES game, not the TV show) gets stuck in my head when I play this. Especially while poisoned.

Nice graphics. Easy gameplay. Also very repetitive and does not show anything new.
Moreover medals. 15 minutes? 30? Really? Sorry, I am not a masochist.