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Desna N Eska Rule 34 Game

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So many porn games and not one of them is for girls or gays. I hope girls and the lgbt community like it. This game does not have a jumpscare. I know the sounds are repetitive but I'm fucking lazy and too disappointed to do something about it .This is a hentai and u must be old to view.thanks for playing.

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I'll be honest, I liked this game. The sounds were decent and the art wasn't too shabby. I'd appreciate a mute button for the music, though.

man i cam here for sex not fapping

Going with your author comment, I am very skeptical, mainly going with some people's comments, but people can be douches, so will give it a deeper look. Will say I'm mainly skeptical, as almost all people misuse the whole futa/herm thing, as on average, 95 % of futa's/herm's have a male, sexual identity, (while almost all female chars, porn wise, have none at all, just being sex props) yet their creators refer to them with female pronoun, which is honestly is rather insulting to LGBT.

No matter, I'll give this a look and see where it goes, if anywhere. Well, animation was kinda okay, a bit twitchy at times, so could work on smoothing it down. Music were ~eh. And honestly gotta say the sound effects were very "meh". But blame that on most porn sound effects sucking. Was utterly one sided, but in a somewhat innovative way. Have to say I expected some female stimuli in it, instead there's just several male pleasuring scenes. Still, like said, they are relatively unique. Honestly surprised not more have played with the jizzbending.

And after looking, I see that people just don't know shit about what they comment on. Granted, added incest to the pair. But it's clearly the male sibling in all shots. (bar intro) Not a futa. So no sweat off that area. Still, it does end up in the category of "selfish male" and "female with no regard for own pleasure". It doesn't protrude solely as selfish though, as they act very sub. But like said, they're still the only one pleasured. Overall, kinda decent work, but can do with a lot of polish.

well that ruined my outlook on legend of korra