Frenzy Animal Clinic

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Many pets get sick everyday, therefore Lisa wanted to work in the the local animal clinic. assist Lisa & specialist doctors to keep them happy and healthy. Reach daily goals, earn money, and unlock cool upgrades for your animal clinic.

Drag and drop the animals to the right order.

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Totally fine game for the site, no objectionable content and pretty fun gameplay. Five stars

wwggames responds:

Hi jakedrago1,

Thank you very much you like the game & dropping the 5 stars. :)


Decent but monotonous wasn't challenging. Maybe response time should impact score.

I'm probably not the target audience for this, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
1. I played through the first four levels, and everything felt the same. You match the animal to the table that has the same symbol on it. You wait for the vet to finish, then do the same thing in reverse.
2. The upgrades are all of two basic kinds: go faster or change the decor of the room a little. There's no real sense of achievement there. This exasperates problem 1.
3. The symbols are pretty small. It might be nice if they could be magnified when you hover over it.

Some possible changes: upgrades might make the clinic bigger, certain animals might need special handling, doctors could get in each others' way if you're not careful, you get to see a close-up of how happy and healthy the pet is after treatment.

wwggames responds:

Hey PieceOPi,

Thank you very much for your review & advice.


Day 6 has a huge difficulty spike that's quite jarring to go into.

It's not really a Tycoon but closer to a RTS.

I experienced a bug that made it so that I couldn't treat one of the animals and it made it impossible to complete a level.

You'll never have more than two animals so it's not really management but more click and wait 10 seconds for the same generic animation multiple times.

Some of the events(?) are weird. I.E. a fish had to get its teeth checked out. Sorry but goldfish don't have teeth.

Overall I would rate it at 2, as it's not terrible at what it does, but it's not good at it either.

wwggames responds:

Hi Avenger5998,

Thank you for your review. you've got a hard time, eh?


It's an okay game, Just a big too easy after about 2 levels.
I think it should get added.

wwggames responds:

Hi tabookodak5,

I think you mastered the game! thank you very much for dropping 4.5 stars.


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3.08 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2014
4:03 PM EDT
Simulation - Job