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Mechwarrior: Revival

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A short trailer for a series in the Mechwarrior / Battletech Universe. Unfortunately, we were not able to secure the rights for funding.

Music Courtesy of No Guts No Galaxy

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Sucks considering the garbage that does get funding, I’m look at you Doug walker!

This was an amazing piece of animation, it truly captured the feel of the Battletech setting and the tension of the clan invasion. Loved the style and the mechs moved the way I imagine they would on the tabletop. A shame you couldn't get the funding for this, would have loved to see a series in the Battletech setting.

I could see this as an anime series. Good work.

It is such a great thing to see someone making a video along this line. I am glad that someone remembers the series. Please keep this going, and if able try to get it pitched to any company that you can to make a game from it. We need a new Mechwarrior/Battletech game.

This is what I imagined the failed Mechwarrior movie would have been like. I'm actually crying a little due to nostalgia. Mechwarrior was one of the first video games I ever played and I wish the current one wasn't a free-to-play mmo. I sincerly thank you for bringing back my memories of the good old days.