Pencilmation #35

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Another new Pencilmation! The artist's masterpieces ruined by a pesky kitten.

Music: "Hungarian Dance No. 5" by Johannes Brahms performed by Yehudi Menuhin.



wow, wonderful animation! so fast and so well done!
great speed, and great movement of the characters, its almost as if they are made from liquid.
i also loved the face expressions of both the artist and the cat, despite the fact that the artist was leaning to the stick figure status.

wonderful story, and quite enjoyable. the artists expressions, and his will to catch the cat were amazing.
the ending was quite fun as well. very creative!

great work, and do more!

I'm sorry to break the consensus. I've always been a big fan of the Pencilmation series, and I understand that a series must evolve and change otherwise things get boring, but I just don't like this new style. I liked the first style, loved the second style, and I dislike this one. Previous Pencilmation episodes used to give you time to admire each gag, and set up a proper setting to show the mood and attitude of each scene. But now, the animation feels like it just did a round of cocaine. Everything jumps around all over the place and I barely have time to register each scene before it shows a new one. And as a result, I cannot enjoy this animation as a whole. This series is called Pencilmation because of the way the pencil interacts with his creations; and now the pencil is almost completely missing. Not focusing on the Pencil in Pencilmation is a huge mistake in my opinion and as such this seriously disappointed. Where are the gags? I fail to see even one real joke in this animation, it's just a bunch of rapid nonsense that isn't funny whatsoever. There isn't even any audio! I understand that the focal point of this animation is the way the characters move in unision with the music (And it is very well done music by the way), but that could have easily been pulled off just as good, if not better, with some actual sound effects: the paint splashing onto the canvas, the cat's meows and the pitter-patter of his feet, this animation is BEGGING for sound but it gives you none.

This animation signals a massive drop in my interest in this series; the last one I was going to let slide because it was the first of a new generation and I knew it would have kinks to work out, but I now see what I interpreted as awkward beginnings is now the entire style of the series.

What I would like to see is a continuation of the universe you were setting up with Redward, Bluewis, Pinkie and the bunch where all the characters had their own pencils; the characters of that generation had massive amounts of personality! But this new generation just... disappoints me on every level.


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A new pencilmation!

Its quite interesting how the characters can move along in the music in such appropriate timing

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Jul 5, 2014
11:47 AM EDT
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