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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Jul 4, 2014 | 3:19 PM EDT

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Make your highscore!

Use WASD to control your ship, SPACE to teleport and ARROW KEYS or MOUSE/CLICK to shoot.

Collect yellow gems to increase your combo multiplier and make your best score.

Title Screen music by Chalis Tsubasa!

Super-S! was the first game that I "finished" some time ago but I've never upload it. It´s a simple game that marks what i´ve learned over a year making prototypes, enjoy!

Thanks a lot for playing!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Personally, I really like this game. It's fun, it looks nice, although enemies colors should have changed depending on the enemy to identify them easier, music doesn't want to make me kill myself, and it gives a very great challenge, however, the challenge in the beginning is too great. When i first started this game I was thinking that it'd just be a gradual build up, but no, the screen is clustered with projectiles without enemies in sight. So naturally I start shooting in a circular pattern and I die.
Here's another problem, why the hell does the highscore menu pop up every time I die? That kills the flow of the game. You don't want the player to have to wait to play their game, or in this case, tediously close the menu. If you don't wait for the menu to load and just close it durring that time it'll just pop up again, that's not good design at all. The highscore menu should be something the player can manually access by themselves. It shouldn't be something the game just shoves in your face every time you die. The game is pretty much laughing at the player and making them look at all the more successful people with the higher scores. That just discourages people to play.
Eventually I got a handle on the controls, it's not too difficult since the ship moves very smoothly plus the controls are responsive, so I then started getting a higher score, sometimes. The cluster in the beginning can screw you up if you aren't focused. The game expects so much out of the beginning, you've got to be able to:

A. Be able to see openings within the cluster of projectiles and weave around them.
B. Shoot anything moving and green while doing A.
C. Collecting gems while doing A. and B.
D. Remember that you can teleport while you're doing A., B., and C.

That's a lot of multitasking, I usually mess up on D. After 10k points you've got to worry about comets too, they can close you into a tight space and get you killed, if you don't remember your teleport. If you can survive all that smaller enemies start to swarm all around you from every direction at very high speeds. It. Sucks. Of course I use my ultimate technique of circular shooting and wipe them out, but holy crap is it hard to avoid them and other projectiles and enemies and comets at the same time. I wouldn't say I'm very good at these space survive the swarm games, I am somewhat decent though.
Taking all of that into account I found myself having a good times after getting some practice into it. Then I thought, how would someone new to this kind of game like this? Short answer, they wouldn't. Why? Cause it's too difficult in the beginning. You need to steadily nudge the player through the game, you can't just throw a player in a pit filled with hordes of enemies and just say good luck. You've got to slowly build up the difficulty, lower the spawn timing or keep it the same, just make the enemy's rate of fire go down. Introduce the played slowly to the difficulty. This game just can't be as difficult as Dark Souls, Dark Souls has a very steep learning curve with many different options that the player can use at their disposal, and even then it has a somewhat easy level in the beginning to let the player learn the mechanics of the game,
Overall, this game is fun for somewhat experienced players, however, players new to games like this probably wouldn't have as much of a fun time. However it's a somewhat nice game to look at with some decent music and some poor design choices.
Pleas take my thoughts into consideration for your next game.

Wishing the Best

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jupitron responds:


First of all, you cant even know how awesome your review is for me, thanks for taking the time to write.

As you can see in the author comments, this was the first game that ive made, i didnt modify it since then and just decided to uploaded as it is.

I know leaderboards sucks, its the only way that i can put leaderboards right now so sorry if you found them too intrusive, i just wanted to keep track of all player scores besides you can see them or not.

There´s something about difficulty that i cant handle, super-s just fits my taste and i only hope some players like it, i know its not perfect and it doesnt have a nice difficulty curve but it is that way, just tuned it to my skills and thats something that happens to me in my other games. I need a precise feedback (like yours) and more playtesting and those are difficult things to find, besides that, to me, thats a boring part of making a game, its stronger than me, i like hard games, i dont know if im good or not but i like a direct approach and master them even if it is a simple game like this. Thats what ive discovered while making games, lower difficulty makes a game boring to me, got to learn thats boring to others but i prefer sticking to what i like.

Know to the boring part, my opinion if youre interested:

I know there´s a current stream of game design like "tutorial bounded to gameplay to avoid frustration" but i remember some time while playing nes games in japanese lenguage with no internet (captain tsubasa 2 *bows*) and that wasnt a "problem in design", i wasnt lazy to learn to enjoy a game, i dont pretend that every player that comes here like my game but if someone likes the same games that i do and has my style of approaching a game (like you maybe) can enjoy this some minutes and thats it to me, man your words are just a reward to me to move on and make something better. Sometimes I found myself analyzing a game and not enjoying it well that sucks to me, i play to get distracted, i know every game can be better (except DIABLO II) and thats why i close games, my games sucks in every way but thats it, someday ill make a better one and super-s is a proof of what ive learned.

Zora213 you´ve got my respect, thanks a lot and i hope we found in some game in the near future!


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Its broken. I dont know if its a loading screen or not, but its just stuck on some floating robot. Fix the glitch, and Id be more than happy to fix my review :D

jupitron responds:


Sorry to hear that, a new version is up, please try it again.