God's Assassin

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A text-based "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style game about evil, math, drugs and God.

Please be warned that this game pokes fun at religious concepts pretty aggressively! My own beliefs changed quite drastically right after I wrote it, though. You can read that bizarre little story at we-are-1.net.

I hope you enjoy the game -- please leave comments!


I do enjoy a good story. I also enjoy pick your own adventure books. I ALSO enjoy putting my input into stories. Put it all together, you get this game. If you don't like text- based adventures, then this game's gonna bore you to death. But otherwise, good story, pretty funny, and makes you think a bit.

4.5 stars

I can't describe how much I love this game now! Amazing concept of man kind creation and all this religious shit. Got all endings but want to play more. Plus, I can name my character!

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Alright, so for pretty much any game in which I can put my own name into it I always name my character "Bishop" for the sole reason that it's that one chess piece that everyone knows how it works but isn't very memorable. So I put the name "Bishop" into this game and by God/Stan/Faith/whatever did it feel oddly symbolic. I did all the endings and during most of the main ones I felt that no matter what I was really fulfilling my purpose as "Bishop" (though it might have just been the magical corn-brain drugs I took). The game was amazing and putting it all together felt rewarding. Plus I had a weird name connection with it so that's cool. Best game I've played in a while, kudos!

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I'm not a big fan of games that require a lot of reading because I find it boring. The choose your own adventure genre can be interesting and leads to different endings, but large blocks of text is off putting. I think 'A Duck Has An Adventure' is a perfect example of how a story can be told in a simple way but still be interactive. It would sacrifice the complexity of the story so it's just a thought.

The concepts were worth reading so I'll give you 3 stars.

GregLoire responds:

"A Duck Has an Adventure" is awesome! I love that game. I agree that it's better -- I was overcome with jealousy when I first played it.

My last game had even more text between options, haha. This IS the result of me trying to cut it down to be as short as possible. I think I should just do novels...

This game totally caught me off guard. When i started i believed it to be some kind of game where you choose the correct answer to reach the goal. After the first several questions i tought it was just a stupid game only made to waste your time... But once the story progressed.. I couldn't help but get all the endings, it shocked me how deep some of the dialogs were, how profound such a simple game could be. You sure took a risk by making this but you made an astonishing work. On my way to read author's bio!

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GregLoire responds:

Thank you! And please feel free to pass on any feedback on the bio!

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3.91 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2014
8:02 PM EDT
Adventure - Other