God's Assassin

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A text-based "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style game about evil, math, drugs and God.

Please be warned that this game pokes fun at religious concepts pretty aggressively! My own beliefs changed quite drastically right after I wrote it, though. You can read that bizarre little story at we-are-1.net.

I hope you enjoy the game -- please leave comments!


nice work with the drawings and the music. reminds me some books that i'v read like 10 years ago hwo let you choose the story.
the only thing i suggest is som drawing of the scenario or the scenes. the characters are realy good made!

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That was so much fun! I enjoyed the in depth writing and the philosophy. This takes me back to so many choose your own adventure tales. Great job!!!!

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Woot! 25/25 ^_^
Took a lot of time but nice game.
The philosophical ideas in here were pretty interesting too.

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This is great! I'm reading/playing since 1 hour and I still only got 19/25 endings. :'(
I hope we will see more of your work. :-)

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Gah! The completionist within me is screaming because I haven't found Endings 1, 8, or 12! But seriously, fantastic game overall. I'm not really shocked that it hasn't scored higher because of how controversial many of the plot points are (from smoking DMT in front of corn people to getting into a bar fight with God... laughed my way through every second) and the sheer vastness of the text you've set before players. It's a shame people have a tendency to get so butthurt/lazy when confronted with a game as great as this. The thought that went into this game really shows, as some of the deeper philosophical concepts conveyed in the dialogue (especially between the Player and God) made me feel more than a tad existential. This is probably the most memorable game I've played on Newgrounds (and definitely a new all-time favorite of mine). Looking forward to any potential future COYA games from you!

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3.91 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2014
8:02 PM EDT
Adventure - Other