God's Assassin

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A text-based "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style game about evil, math, drugs and God.

Please be warned that this game pokes fun at religious concepts pretty aggressively! My own beliefs changed quite drastically right after I wrote it, though. You can read that bizarre little story at we-are-1.net.

I hope you enjoy the game -- please leave comments!


Really great game, my first ending is Ending #13.

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Excellent. You don't need tons of mind-numbing side-scrolling to make a great game. Did you use a text adventure template, like Quest?

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GregLoire responds:

Thanks! And whoa, there's a text adventure template? The-Swain did all the programming, in addition to the art.

This was absolutely amazing.

After getting all of the endings, I have to say; I like ending #3 the most. Fucking Melvin...

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I made my name GOD . . .lmfao

Got all of them,... even though it took 4 hours. But it was totes worth it. I loved the story line and how it juxtaposes Knowledge and Evil with Humanity and Belief in religiousity. (Yes I made that a word) It's awesome how you've made Humanity a parallel with infections. God I feel sorry for Melvin and the idea of an Alien dimension where people are just a power source. And the ever bumbling "god" also,... Nice artistic styling.
How much would it cost to commission an M or A rated sequel delving into equality and gender dimorphism?

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3.91 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2014
8:02 PM EDT
Adventure - Other