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The Cave of Ātman

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A band of brave warriors find themselves summoned to a mysterious cave, following a short tremor. As they descend the cave's many floors, they unearth a secret that rests deep inside their souls.

- Daniel Johnson - http://danielprimed.com

- Chris Johnson - http://cjohnson.id.au/

- Hayden Davenport - http://haydendavenport.bandcamp.com/

Get the Soundtrack - http://haydendavenport.bandcamp.com/album/the-cave-of-tman-soundtrack

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Great desing and music, just one thing, it´s not an RPG game, it´s just puzzle. Keep the good work!

Great game, lv26 challenged me a good bit.

Would suggest increasing the floor levels or adding a boss of some sort.

Awesome game!
I am eager to create.

awesome game. stuck on lvl 27 right now. i like the game but i feel it will be to short and dissapoint me there.

I don't agree with most other reviewers - the tutorial is just fine, as the movement and attack ranges of units are pretty much self-explanatory. I actually like the fact that the units are introduced one by one - you slowly learn each hero's abilities and are never faced in a situation where deep knowledge of their skills is crucial.

Well, this comes at a price: most levels feel like an extended tutorial. If some guy didn't complain about 26th level, I'd have probably stopped playing around 20, thinking the game is not challenging at all. It was a pleasant surprise.

27th and 28th were moderate; 26th was the most difficult in the entire game - if you're going to expand the game, I'd leave first 25 levels as a sort of introduction and turn the other three into the beginning of another act (or something) - hopefully with another 22 levels that are actually hard. :)

Liked the ending, nice touch. Needs more content, has potential.