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Cant Catch A Caveman

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Version 1.3(Made easier)
Next Update will add multiplayer and powerups

Keep pressing Z then X to accelerate(You must Alternate pressing)
Or Keep pressing Left Arrow then Right arrow to accelerate(You must alternate pressing)
Space or Up arrow to jump
YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PRESS THEM FAST. The faster you press the faster your caveman can run.

Your a simple fat caveman, all you want is to get some food. But all your life you have been chased by a tiger. The tiger chases you everywhere! Through the jungle, hills, mountains...This is your time, time to outrun your natural enemy! Make it back to your cave.


Exactly how fast does one need to alternately press the buttons to accelerate. I'm been pressing the buttons very fast and I'm still too slow.

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dev13 responds:

Maybe you aren't alternating right, try z then x it's easier for me. Just alternate them. I beat the first four levels easy along with someone else. But I am going to make the game easier.

It's somewhat ok, the music is very good.
the gameplay is kind of okay.
the difficulty is insane, and i'm very fast with this kind of game.
Not deserving too much love, but it's a bit more than okay.

dev13 responds:

I dont understand why it is so hard because I beat the first four levels very easily along with another tester.

While the game is great in theory, there is a thing known as a difficulty curve, true some start higher but this game starts at difficulties that most games end, or in today's games, never even touch. I suggest easing up the first few levels then make the jump up the curve before this game would become somewhat playable. I hope you take this into consideration and I hope to see your game on the main form.

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dev13 responds:

I understand, and I only had two testers one was myself and I seem to beat the game with a breeze until I get to the 6th level. It just depends on your fingers, but I intended it to be a rage game lol.

Fun game

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2.48 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2014
7:38 PM EDT
Adventure - Other