Shadow Hunt

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Try to guess the correct shadow for the item shown in each level before time runs out. The item is shown in the lower left part of the screen and a total of 9 different shadows are shown. Click on the shadow you think is correct. If your guess is right, you earn score points and a time bonus of 10 seconds, if it is wrong you lose 5 seconds. The bonus score for choosing the correct shadows doubles after each correct answer.

The game is completely controlled by mouse.
ESC to quit to the main screen. +/- to enable/disable sound.


Surprisingly terrible.

it is boring

It's a well done game, but I don't really find the topic interesting

I have only one word: wow. I don't even know where to begin, honestly. This game is beyond difficult; it's torture, and in no way fun. I thought from the description that you'd get shown a shadow of an item and then have to pick out what it was... boy, was I wrong. You get shown the item, and then 9 shadows of said item that vary in only ONE MINUTE DETAIL, and you have to pick the EXACT one relatively quickly. Let's say you accomplish this Herculean feat, what's your reward? 10 extra seconds. I have to be honest, it took me at least 20 seconds to even come up with an idea of what could possibly be right. This game needs a lot of work to even be winnable, let alone fun to play.

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2.19 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2014
12:15 PM EDT
Puzzles - Difference