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The Bureaucrat

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Okay. So my whole life I've been living in this country where everything revolves around papers and taxes and forms and corporate effectance and, god, the list goes on.
There is basically a building for every little coorperate system out there. It goes so far that I got letters in the mail saying I have to pay a "fine of zero euros".
This just baffles me. I feel humanity took bureaucracy way too far.
But there's also an enviormental issue to this. Government officials still refusing to use digital forms which ends up in destroying thousands of trees. I just end up doodling on
these forms.

This animation reflects all of this.

I know it isn't a cool vidya game parody that you all just love.
I know it isn't LOLRANDOM jokes.
I know it isn't deep or abstract, but this is the only way I know how to express it.


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Nice work :) your skills are coming along well. The character animation was particularly smooth which is great. There was a few inconsistencies with some of the scenes, like the perspective shot when he placed the gun on the table; most of his desk objects disappeared. The building drawing looked nice at the start. Think there would have been some cars in the parking bays though.
Still, the message was cool and basically spot on. Fuck dat shit every day of your life. Also regarding progress, you're doing real well :)

Soupcat responds:

Thanks dude! Yeah I ended up rushing it in the end, so I didnt get time to finish off little details.

Thnks for the review man, its been a while!

age and gender are now yes or no questions what the hell

Soupcat responds:

Welcome to efficiency.

Been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I've posted a review... check my file lol... I loved the animation... There was one really disturbing thing about this animation tho... That parking lot lmao! 6 spaces and some trees straight out the concrete? lol

Age: Yes/No
Gender: Yes/No
You know, that kinda works, I guess.

I'm not being a jerk; I saw that the animation was rated M, I read the description and just knew what was going to happen. Your technical abilities are very sound, but the underlying message has been relayed so many times to so many people it has become almost cliche. The suicidal corporate slave returns.

Soupcat responds:

I know right? Its so overdone.