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An RPG Game that circle around you, as you are sucked inside the game and find a way out...

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no me gusto

This seems more like a demo than a complete game. There are no instructions, or story. You also include a map. The graphics could be improved as well.

Game is really rough, but a good start. ill just list some things to look into:

*When you hit an enemy or get hit there is some random teleporting around the field. I'm guessing you wanted a knockback but didn't add an animation for the effect so everything just teleports.

*Some balance between normal attack damage and magic damage would help. When you first start and are broke you end up visiting town a lot because spamming magic to kill enemies gets expensive.

* MAP. i need a map. It'll make everything easier, mark quests on map, use map to find town. Everything needs a map!

*Quest log, i had no idea what to do after accepting a quest

*You added a description of the moves in the magic tab (in different fonts btw =P) but no mana cost.

* make a small scripted tutorial showing the moves animation with a description starting with how to aim and move.

*a lot of character freezing mid animation, not sure what causes it.

* Enemy Health numbers, level, or some indication they are stronger then the other ones you were fighting so you know what is appropriate for your level.

I didn't really accomplish anything i just ran around killing things till they got to strong and killed me a couple times so i'm sure other people will point out other things in the future. Keep it up! a few tweaks and this could be a great game.

kaizen101 responds:

Tnx for everyone who comment, updated!

The movement is good, the customizability is appreciated, and the graphics are decent. I dislike there is no point given, the fighting is boring, and the attacks are unexplained. It's a good start though.

There is some potential here, I think, but man this game is half baked. Right from the start, it's totally unclear what to do; you have to figure out how to control the character on your own before you can walk over to an area where you are told how you move the character. wtf? The controls are totally wacky and and there is no explanation of the attacks. The list goes on...