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Viking Breakfast

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{This minigame is part of Mike Salyh's "Game a Week" Challenge. To see more, check out www.gamebootcamp.blogspot.com}

Being a viking is hungry business! Dodge houses and collect chickens to earn points. The player with the highest score after one minute wins.

Player 1 Controls: WASD
Player 2 Controls: Arrow Keys

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I didn't realize this was multiplayer until after I clicked it. It's so fun to try and drive two guys at once. I would enjoy to see this mechanic reused at a later time.

its hard to control two people at once :|

Give us a one player version.

Make a one-player option where you verse a computer opponent.

Otherwise this is pretty good/fun. Doesn't even really work as a two-player game as-is though assuming you had two people sharing a keyboard. Look up a little something called key ghosting to find out why that is. Basically both players can't move in all directions at the same time as one player would constantly be messing up the other's controls due to you can only have so many keys pressed at a time and which keys those may be differs per your exact keyboard.

Technically a very high-end keyboard can get around that but it's a bit much to ask of people.

A fun game but their must be 1 player mode too Like levels or something
The graphics were awesome
5 stars