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Primal Wars : Dragon Soul

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Young Tor with his Dragon are being stalked by a demon wanting the souls of all dragons . This is a prequel to the Primal Wars series . This is part 1 of 3

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I have to say that this new Primal War series is awesome, but I wished that this was a sequel instead of a prequel. Still, you did a great job with this series' beginning, nonetheless.

At least this is original, some erros with the animations but with practice comes perfect, just work your way around with time.

i am happy to see you are back :)

I really enjoyed this. You guys did a great job! I had to laugh at the segment where the hero is fishing with a spear. "I'm a Minotaur who rides dragons. But sometimes I like to just go fishing. Ah the simple things in life."

At first when I saw this I tought: "Awesome a new primal war!" Espescially since your latest upload here is from late 2011. But I have to admit I'm somewhat let down. Not by the new design of your beasts but by the new choice of animation method. Namely tweening. Not only does this look less appealing to me, also the dragon seems out of place due to the fact he has fbf animations and thus the linework of him is different aswell as the global style feel.

Dont get me wrong, this is still a good animation and I'm glad you and the primal series are back, I just feel it doesnt live up to the awesomeness that was Primal Wars. Im well aware FBF takes alot longer but still. I'd take your late primal war series episodes of this prequel style anyday.