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Galaxy Rush 3D

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Ultra fast futuristic racer with an old school 90’s vibe. Race to victory in one of 6 awesome space machines across the futuristic galaxy. Shoot bombs to survive in the Endless Battle mode – destroy or be destroyed!

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It's a good game with ample enough challenge, but the steering can use some work though it is a nice F-Zero esque game.

dont build clones of other games. newgrounds is a forum for creativity, not to show off your game making skills. captain falcon would kill himself if he saw this.

So, another game from RumbleSushi. (If you remember me, I am andrei2, the one who reviewed SuperDrift3D, but I made a fresh, new account)

I have to say that the game is overally well-finished in the way of features. A rich HUD, showing the position, time, speed, energy, and the current lap, 3 game modes(race, time trial and battle), 10 tracks, 6 vehicles with different stats and a leaderboard system.

..On the other side, the graphics don't seem suitable for me. They don't look as good as the graphics of Super Drift 3D 1&2, Super Rally 3D and so. They aren't that bad, but you could work more on the graphics.

Then, the handling seems a little buggy.

And overall, I give a 5/5 for the features, 2.5/5 for the graphics, and 3/5 for the handling. That means 3.5. So good job :)

I really like this game. It has a very fun arcade like style to it and I can't wait to see what it becomes.