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Mother 3: Remember Claus

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Based on the ending from Mother 3. This is the third video in my "Remember" series that tells the story of Claus downfall.
You can view the other episodes on my youtube channel:


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I remember seeing this on YouTube. Sad stuff 😢

so much feels bro...
i need to watch "remember giygas"
¡nice work!

Tearjerker since I played all the to the end and seeing your brother finally remember who he is and kill himself to end the torment was just something that made me cry when it happened during the battle. To see Lucas cared about his brother and just couldn't stand the idea of hurting him even if he had no control of his body was a tearjerker.

The graphics were beautiful and I feel that's how the end looks if it had been animated. "The end" at the end referring to the end of the world as we know it due to the last Crystal being pulled. The audio fit so well and was very sad.

Overall, tearjerker and wonderful reminder of how emotional the Mother / Earthbound games are. I look forward to the Remember GieGue / Giygas movie in the future.


i cried like a baby, i even played the game and cried, :s
I love this, keep it up.