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Drop Dudes

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A short little game that experiments with a mixture of music and game play.... poorly. Enjoy the demo! I plan on expanding upon the idea.

Player1: Left_Key, Right_Key
Player2: A, D
Player3: J,L
Player4: Left mouse click, Right mouse click

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Great concept and exceptional graphics..... medium difficulty..... just one problem: It gets a little repetitive after a while, it just feels like the same old thing.

I thought the game cute and very promising. I think there is some playability in it, for top score, if nothing else. You could load some different songs that would be triggered by buttons or switches the player has to run over. Miss the button/switch and you have to listen to the same song until another one comes up. Ummm, here's a thought. Make the game run according to the speed of the music (as you did here) but make the songs random so the order couldn't be guessed. As a multiplayer game, there would be some friendly comradery over flipping switches/buttons and in doing so, may cause the player to hit the ceiling or fall into the pit of death. Get the idea? Just a suggestion.

NewVoxel responds:

Some pretty good ideas you have. This is my first game that wasn't a Tetris clone or similar so I'm still getting the hang of how to develop original games. The hardest part isn't even the coding or artwork, but figuring out how to make something fun, challenging, and what not.

I think this has potential, for sure. I'm big on replay value, and currently this has little to none. Maybe some challenges with rewards to help you along would keep people interested for longer? I did enjoy the fact that the music determined the pace of the game, but unless you've memorized the song, it's hard to predict when the music (and game) is gonna speed up. Overall, I think you have the beginnings of something pretty cool.

NewVoxel responds:

Appreciate the input. I suppose a game is never really complete and there's always room for improvement. I plan on adding some re playability by giving the player the ability to upload their own songs which alter the pace of the game. At the moment though I only hard coded in the speeds for more of a proof of concept to see whether it plays alright. I'm interested to see how else music and sounds can be integrated with games.