The Only Gay Eskimo

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another great from Corky and the Juice pigs...its a music video to there song called "im the only gay eskimo" i learned some new techniques that i hope you all like (more in the art work). i have been workin on this for a long time so please review it and give advise so i can update it if needed.


You killed it.

You completely killed the song. Great job. Jackass.

Yeah, pretty lame

^^Good Points^^
The song is interesting and humorous. It was a good choice to make a flash movie about.

^^Needs Improving^^
Your animations were sub-par and they were repeated over and over, like the Eskimo dancing. You didn't really animate a whole lot either, and I feel that the song was the best part about this, and since you didn't even make that, that's not a good thing...

Yeah, great song - but sub-par Flash.

Too (no WAY too) much of the eskimo just doing the same repetitive movements over and over. Great song though and this has potential.


Erm... you need something a bit more... animated. The style is static and it doesn't really do much for me that the best thing about this animation was the material you had nothing to do with. Namely: the song.

No dice. Better luck next time.

Bloody Hell

BOOOOORIIIIIIIIIING only word for it. The msuic was put on badly, plus the animation was crap!!!! Anyone who has watched up to the very end has my respect!!!

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2.73 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2002
9:37 PM EDT
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