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Hi everyone! (: This is my very first flash game so I understand it's not the best, but I hope everyone enjoys it anyways. It's super easy and unfortunately, is not colored and I know the artwork isn't the best but hopefully my next one will be better. I'm contemplating a sequel but I'm not sure about that yet. Leave me a comment down below! If there's a bug, just drop me one and I'll try to fix it asap c:

(some of the things here aren't as realistic as the things that happen in real life, I know, but I don't actually know much about law and order besides the very little I've learned from Phoenix Wright, so... whoops.)

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I think you should make this more interactive so there'll be less dialogue. You should go back and add color too. I'd make this one better then do a second one. But either way I'd play more of games.

I was bored in the first 5 minutes

Though you made a slight mistake... Why are there no traces of blood at the fingerprint scanner? If the criminal did use her hand to get in, the scanner should have blood on it or at least some... Overall the story is nice... Make another one if you could that is. This game made my day, thank you.

Not a bad novel
The art definitely need to improve but i don't mind about that
What is needed is music

The story is predictable to me so not special from other novels
Then i readed "I've learned from Phoenix Wright" that must have been the reason :P
The first time i met the cool,act smart person i knew it would be him

Enough about that
The red blood in the game logo could be added in the game
Since it's black and white add some red and it's going to look great (For murder scene)

I love mystery novel but this aren't that great however i enjoyed it

I like the direction it was taking but it could have been more thought provocative and challenging than it was. The artwork could definitely use alot of work, but I rather like the black and white style. Also if you do plan to make a sequel please note to maybe add some music to it. Keep these tips in mind and i think your next game should make more of an impact than this, but not bad for a first try.

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3.20 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2014
9:22 AM EDT
Simulation - Other