It Came From Outer Space

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Give 'em a Hand 5 Points

Credit is given where credit is due

I'd Like to Thank the Academy... 5 Points

Play a round with an Oscar activated

Immovable Object 5 Points

The boss is immortal. You are not.

RTFM 5 Points

Took a look in the book

The Player Knows Best 5 Points

Set up your own control scheme

Who Turned Out the Lights!? 5 Points

You've got that "One Hit Left" look about you

Now You're Playing with Power! 10 Points

Find the Hidden Weapon

To the MAX 10 Points

Max out your combo multiplier

Best Action 25 Points

The Action was good, but the best? I don't know about that.

Best Actor 25 Points

It was a slow year, okay?

Best Director 25 Points

Here comes a new challenger!

Best Gunfire 25 Points

The greatest honor at the 19XX Academy Awards

Best Picture 25 Points

I think I'm going to be sick.

Best Robot 25 Points

There wasn't much competition.

Best Score 25 Points

Oops! The alternate track isn't ready yet.

Best Screenplay 25 Points

I hope you're ready for some Developer Commentary!

A Winner is You! 100 Points

Play with a gamepad

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

I'd like to add in a scoreboard using the Newgrounds API, but it hasn't been fully translated from flash to javascript. I'm offering a cash stipend of a few hundred dollars to anyone who can do this! This would be a big help to all C2 developers who like to put their work on Newgrounds. Message me if you are interested.

!Updates may take time and/or need to recache. Refresh your game until the most recent version number appears during the intro!

**10/12/15 Update to Version 1.5**
-Actually fixed bugs affecting medals
-Re-balanced power up spawning

**9/2/15 Update to Version 1.4**
-Fixed bugs affecting medals

**8/25/14 Update to Version 1.3**
-Fixed medals unlocking repeatedly
-Dropping UFOs or Clouds onto bombs will destroy them
-Auto-fire for controllers added
-Shoulder triggers aim up and down
-Player can move behind the curtains (more space)
-Text glitches fixed
-Sparks from broken lights color changed
-Duck sensitivity changed
-Double jump animation added
-Best Robot unlock fixed


Space and Escape are used for navigating the menus

(Space) Jump
(Left/Right) Move
(Up/Down) Aim

darkest0 recommends
(Space) Fire
(S) Duck
(W) Jump
(A/D) Move
(Up/Down) Aim

ShengLong123 recommends
(H) Fire
(K) Duck
(W) Jump
(A/D) Move
(U/J) Aim

~This game is much better with an Xbox360 controller! Most browsers should auto-detect. Other controllers may also work, be sure to rebind the controls!~
~Best experienced in Chrome~
~If you're experiencing sound issues, try refreshing. The game can be a bit wonky when it's loading for the first time~
~For a larger resolution (if your computer supports it) play the mirror here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19306622/It%20Probably%20Came%20From%20Outer%20Space/index.html ~
~To reset controls, press Backspace while on the keybinding screen~

**6/30/14 Undocumented Shadow Update
-Fixed some medals not unlocking
-Fixed medals unlocking repeatedly
-Adjusted Oscar Unlock scores
-Gamepad Medal is now worth 100 pts. Any USB controller should work, but if it doesn't, it's your browser's fault that the game doesn't recognize the controller.

**6/26/14 Update to Version 1.2**
What's new
-Medals. A lot of them
-Faster Tally Screen
-Double jump!
-"Hold to fire" for keyboard players
-Clearer Menu controls
-Clearer purpose for Oscars
-Best Director now functions as a different play-style
-Best Screenplay works, more to be added later
-More animations for the dialogue box
-Restore default controls and reset everything else in the credits screen
-Twitter buttons in credits

**Version 1.1a**
-By popular demand, keybinding for keyboards and gamepads has been added! Many apologies to people using non-QWERTY keyboards. ALSO: I forgot to make it save your new schemes. That's been fixed.
(Currently analog sticks cannot be rebound, I'm looking into it. In the meantime d-pads work fine. If the game does not recognize some inputs from your controller, it is likely that your browser is not reading the inputs. There's not really anything I can do about that.)

-Increased the score cap required for that Thing.

-Added a more realistic default scoreboard


You had me with the title. I'm a b-movie fanatic. Invisible Invaders, Them!, Man from Planet X; hell, I could go on and on. So that's already 3 stars from me. Form and theme are always important. This game was definitely my bag of chips.
After you get the controls down, they're rather convenient. Before you get them down, however, they are a royal pain in the ass; but as I said before, get them down after a few deaths or whatever it takes and the controls actually coincide very well with gameplay. Awesome game, dude!

A little tuff but once you get good controls set it becomes a great game just overall. I especially love the look, reminds me of Spider Velociraptor (a space invaders-esque mobile game). The film theme of it also something fresh, which is better then the straight forward "you're a soldier and ummm... the enemy 's or some shit.. just shoot shit". Overall this deserves a better rating, though I understand the hate towards the controls (in which i recommend using w-jump a,d-left and right h-fire u,j aiming k crouch roll or whatever it really is). So to this have 5 stars!

I got hooked the minute I start playing, very well done!

I didn't have time to write reviews yesterday but now that I've played again, I gotta ask, is it just me or did you temper with the volume of the sfx's in the 1.1a update? I swear it was more audible back then; now it all feels too quite, especially there's no sfx when I fire. And it seems the overall pace is slower...

I know having to shoot every single one bullet adds to the challenge, but I'm not a Winner so it's a torture to my finger at times. (my PC being my main portal for games, I've grown accustomed to keyboards so as a Winner my performance do straight down)
It is a design choice I suppose. A press-hold auto or always auto fire kind of take away the challenge. (Yep this is just a feed back, don't take this as a suggestion)

Is aim down really needed? I can't remember any time I actually used it. You need to be constantly moving, the stage is constantly moving, so the chance where you can stand on a higher ground to shoot down is rather rare. Only thing I can think of is additional power-ups hidden on the ground or special use in a full length game. (like jetpack power up or upward-weak-spot-bosses)

Lastly some cosmetics. I think a Back/Retry in the total score screen can be handy, saves you having to go to the menu again. And shouldn't there be a "Esc to quit" in the Oscars/BoxOffice/Credit menu? I've looked around and can't see any thing that says Esc.

Oh wait a minute, the Oscars are actually perks?!
Hm maybe you should say something about it, because I just thought they're achievements. I would probably never know hadn't I tried to randomly jam the keyboard at the time I was typing the previous paragraph.

To sum up, there're some rough edges but the game shines with potential.
Only thing better than this is a full length game!

RaveRadbury responds:

Glad to hear you enjoy the game!

The SFX haven't been changed, but I would like to investigate these discrepancies further. Pm'd.

An auto-fire feature has been added in for keyboard controls. Enjoy!

Aim down isn't necessarily needed, but it's there for completeness' sake.

I've sped up the tally screen and added some menu controls to the main screen. I might do a "play again" shortcut at the tally screen, but I'm a little wiped out from 1.2 at the moment.

The Oscars are fun little bonus game-modifiers. I've used the medal system to encourage their discovery.

Thanks for your feedback!

The controls are frustrating and it only grows more so when I attempt to rebind them.

RaveRadbury responds:

I know right? This is why Winners Use Gamepads.

- Graphics, Sounds, Polished, Funny theme
- Controls, No tutorial

You should show the basic control keys the first time you play
you can change the control keys but you have to play with the weird default controls to know which keys you want to use

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Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2014
12:22 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun