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The Legend of Sonia: Demo

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Author Comments

Hello, Newgrounds! I'm excited to announce my latest project, the Legend of Sonia! As you might have guessed, it's an homage to classic video games in the past -- one in particular, of course.

This demo features the first dungeon. Play it! The Kickstarter is over now; it failed. The game is too much like Zelda -- which is precisely the point! But I can't advertise it like that for legal reasons, so most people expected something different. This will never be made into a full game now, but I do hope you at least enjoy the demo.



This is essentially a highly-competent Zelda clone. In several ways, you've actually managed to refine the old formula you're imitating. In particular, several of the puzzles were clever and well executed. The wall-climbing bugs were also distinctive and well-designed. Purely in terms of gameplay and mechanics, I'd say you're quite talented and have a future as a programmer.

That said, I'd recommend an aesthetic revamp to justify taking money to create the final product. You don't even really need to go that far - just make the sprites and characters at least as different from LoZ as they would be from Dragon Quest or whatnot.

DarkLink777 responds:

Thanks a ton! I'm glad you liked it.

You're not alone with that comment. I'm not going to change the style of this project, but regardless of whether this one fails or succeeds, my next one will be a less derivative creation. Thanks again!

As a lot of people have said, it feels a little too much like Zelda, I think that the game would do better with more original game play. The graphics look, like Zelda. The music sounds like, Zelda. The HUD is, Zelda. The is just a ROM hack of Zelda. The description makes it sound like a game with elements from all sorts of games, but this seems to just be a Zelda Clone. However, a great one. Just change the game to be more of it's own thing, and I would back it.

DarkLink777 responds:

While I can't deny the clear inspiration, I feel it necessary to say that it's not a ROM hack. No other game assets, including code, were used in this project. But yes, I'm aiming to make a game that has mostly been done before, and those observations are completely justified. But I'm trying to include enough new content to make it feel almost like a sequel. If you don't feel this project deserves funding, I understand. There will always be more projects in the future. Thanks for playing, and for your feedback!

Essentially, This just feels like a resprite of LOZ. Having this as a kickstarter is essentially a pipedream. As Bistander said, Nintendo would sue you if you made this official and got money from it. It is far too similar to Loz to be your own. Game mechanics and basic layout are to the point where it looks like you just resprited a bit. at most, it looks like a homebrew and not a professional game that is going to be held up by a kickstarter. The Pluses on this are the puzzles you have set up. I loved the dice one. Very clever.

Now don't get me wrong. I love Oldschool 8-bit games. I just don't think you'd be able to make a viable case that enough of your game is your own. The plot lines are very similar, The main character looks like a smaller recoloring of link

Trust me on the Law side of this. I've known people, game companies and a lot more that have been sued (And lost the lawsuit) Over much less. If you have the programming capabilities, You should consider making your own fresh start of a game. One that you can truly call your own. One that if you make it big and it goes over well that you won't have the crap sued out of you because of "Similar subjects"

DarkLink777 responds:

Regardless of what the game feels like, no assets from any existing property were used in its creation. I don't expect to run into any legal trouble, but if I do, feel free to say 'I told you so!'

I'm glad you enjoyed the demo, at least. I just thought maybe people wanted a game like this, and I certainly wanted to make one. But your complaint isn't uncommon, and if the Kickstarter fails, it will be a crystal clear message. I'll just have to try again with a more unique idea!

Thanks for the feedback.

Good job. I reclaimed some of my frustration with the dynamic from when legend of Z first came out, but loved the game anyway. I also thought the spirit ball was a clever device. This deserves further development and I cant wait to see where Sonia takes you.

DarkLink777 responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Pretty solid demo. I believe that you certainly could execute some creative game mechanics, as the sphere ball was a strong example of that. I think that while you are clearly inspired by a particular game, try even harder to separate it visually in some designs; the majority are good on their own though! Overall, I really enjoyed the first dungeon and would love to see more. Best of luck!

DarkLink777 responds:

Thanks a lot! :D

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Credits & Info

1.65 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2014
3:35 PM EDT
Adventure - Other