Sea Dragon

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Action game. Shoot and up with a submarine!

An arcade game with 6 levels with tons of action!

Use arrow keys to move, SPACE to shoot.


its ok for a shooter. I do agree..even the most difficult of games have a checkpoint system or a health bar in place to give balance to the game. If your going to do something like this then multiple difficulty levels are in order. The way you have it set now would be difficulty of Red October. 1 life 1 chance to get it right or the world is screwed. Remember average joe gamer wants a good time burner yet have it fun and relatively easy with options to go harder if he thinks he hard enough to do it not instant ball breaker..that leads to rage quitting and low scores on your work. A for effort but a D overall.

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one word pissant

Not bad, but when someone dies they have to start back at level 1? Really? So when a bomb starts off getting released right into my underbelly at the beginning of level 2 I have to start the whole game over? And.... I'm done playing. Make a checkpoint system where you start at the beginning of the level your currently on or a health system please.

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Turricanen responds:

I made this game to be hard, sorry. :(
I have removed the mines from the start of level 2.


This is a good shooter. The controls are fine along with the visuals and audio. Good job.

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2.25 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2014
12:32 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight