NATA2014: Space-Boy

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NATA 2014: Novice Round (made in 2 weeks)
"Through The Eyes Of A Stranger"
Sponsored by Jaltoid and Newgrounds

From the start I fell in love with this theme. I liked the idea of having the movie take place inside a bar, and as I tried to come up with ideas, I realized I could do a prequel to my first NATA flash to further explain what was going on. When I wrote the script, I didn't actually realize how many of the situations portrayed in this movie coincide with people I know or themes that happened in my own life. So yeah, it feels pretty personal. Does this mean my father is on a secret space mission? Of course it does.

So, I kind of gave in and made their home look like the livingroom of the house where I was born. The hallway looks like my old school and even the psychiatrist office was made after a known location. Speaking of which, the shrink was based on another real life person. All other characters and locations are fictional. The backgrounds were made in photoshop, which is something I don't usually do. I was surprised with how quick I could draw those! The dotted texture was something I experimented with in the sketching stage. I really liked the comicbook feel and sense of contrast it provided so I kept it in the movie.

If I had to be deaf or blind, I'd choose to be blind. I spend a lot of time on the audio in my animations, and I hope people notice. There's a lot of foley, ambience, simulated room accoustics, compression and noise reduction going on, and I wish I had more time to perfect it. I don't record these things myself, but I spend careful time looking for sounds on the internet, which are then synchronized in flash and reconstructed in fruityloops. And of course, I couldn't have done this without the help of my amazing voice actors: SketchEffect, Chongo and Codeblackhayate. I would also like to thank VegetarianMeat, MIDImachine, Deadlyfishes, Camoshark, Stunkel and Ryeguyhead for their amazing music!

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A kind of sad story with a little comedy, nice work I can tell it took alot of time and effort. It is tough when a father or a mother is not in your life when you need it the most.LOL when I was younger I would always complain and get so angry at my parents but when I think about it everything they did was out of their love for me.4 years ago my Mother passed away and now I miss all those annoying things she would do or say to me I would do anything to have that back.But anyway nice work, cant wait to see more:)

Really well done!

It's a great story line that you've set up, and the tease at the end is perfectly timed. I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Your animation skills are getting a lot better and I think the voice talent did a good job of bringing this script and the characters to life. Music 'aint bad either ;)

Adding to favorites. Keep it up!

Whirlguy responds:

Thanks man! This flash was actually a prequel to my entry for the open round of the tournament


Aw man and it was just getting to the good part~!

Oh it's a prequel to something? Well damn I better check that out. That said I really hope this turns into a really well written series with a great cast backing you up.

Oh, it's a prequel! I actually thought it was the other way around, that life after that 'incident' took a twist for the worst... now that you mention it, it all makes sense though. I think both animation and voice acting work great, though the animation isn't as artsy as it was in the first one, not with as clashing and abstract colors (I miss that a bit). I didn't recognize the dotted texture as comic emulation intent, but it did work well! Backgrounds too. I can't say I really pay attention to background audio, but if I don't notice it, that probably means it's good. White noise and unsuitable silence stands out easily. Nice work! This is almost becoming like a series now... I'm hoping there might be an end to this trilogy, a grand finale where all is made better! (even if that's made outside of NATA). Nice work!


Whirlguy responds:

I too really liked the coloring from the space flash. The earth's surface however, wasn't very great in its colors. I covered it up with gradients and I think that saved it. My animation received 65 points last time. Oryozema's was the 2nd best with 148 points I think? In an attempt to bridge the gap, I decided on an actual script, the use of voice actors (to prevent confusion like last time), and a different coloring approach (without changing the actual pallette). Once all of the linework was finished though, I figured each frame would take ages for me to color in photoshop, so I dropped that plan. Luckily so! The way it is now feels like a gradual transition into something new. Hence the credits, which were made to look like the first flash :)

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Jun 18, 2014
10:12 PM EDT