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In 'A to K' each press of the arrow keys (or WASD) moves all tiles in the corresponding direction. When similar letters meet, they merge into the next letter in the alphabet. Turn A's into B's, B's into C's and so forth, and see if you can reach the letter K in this way!

This version of 'A to K' was inspired by a Udacity minicourse where we made simple clones of the open sourced 2048 game in html5. Here it is re-programmed in Flash, and it's now also available via Adobe AIR on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GooglePlay.

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So it's just 2048 but with letters?

I like this game a lot. It's simple and there's no superfluous bells and whistles (they annoy me). I don't understand why people don't like other people's versions of 2048, but this is one of the best I've played. The only problem I have with it, if you'll forgive me, is that I'd love to play with mouse-only controls rather than keyboard. I'm sure your design is informed by some kind of programming thing I don't understand, but that's my only issue with it. Otherwise, well done, a great job.

I really don't know what 2048 is, but with what I saw in the comments, I'd rather have this one, and I can play other music while trying to get to K.
But hey, if its Open source like GMOD I'm not going to complain.

I really like this game, handles a lot like 2048..Oh. Right. I know reviewers below me have said the same thing, but reviews are greater in numbers, right? If I were you, I would have added something different to set you apart (besides the letters instead of numbers thing), but instead you have blatantly ripped off another game. A game that was/is very popular. Thank you for posting, I suppose, but I think I'd rather go play the real thing. Next time you rip something off, maybe do it to something less well-known. :/

Frederik77 responds:

Bah, if you ever look into programming you'll know that it can be fun to make variations of open sourced games, which is what I did here. And I made no attempts to hide that, as it's completely legal and legitimate. Open source is open source, although I did port the javascript game into actionscript. Read the game description and/or google and find the first 1000 more or less creative variations of 2048. About the originality, this may not have much, but I think the simplification in using single-digit letters instead of multi-digit numbers, and the lack of color-coding is visually pleasing and is a satisfying removal of redundacy compared to the original 2048. Some think game design is all about adding features, but it can also be about cutting to the bone and removing all unneccessary features and redundancy. But that said, this was just a fun little exercise to me, and it's actually a bit ridiculous that you or anyone else would pretend to be upset about that. Btw. for a more original variation of 2048, try my 'Triangular 2048'-game - (unless you're the prick who cloned it and published for iOS without my permission, lol)

.... wow, you're one of those guys who comes online everyday and votes 5 on their own work.

In July, this game was sitting around with a score of 3, which coincides with the review responses for being a copy of the 2048 game, and the low view count for your game.

I'm really disappointed when game designers do this.

Frederik77 responds:

I never vote on my own games - is that even allowed? What a stupid system.

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2.84 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2014
6:08 AM EDT
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