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Duck Tub Battle

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Fight your way to waves of enemies and bosses. In this action survival shooter game.

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Good game.

I like this game, but I wish it didn't reset every time you die. The game play is glitch less, and the graphics are nice too! Well done!

Heh... fun game. :) I like the motif; very innocent but the music makes it sound so serious!

I didn't really have any trouble with the controls, as some have, but I am using a real mouse (as opposed to a pad), so that may help. The combat and the upgrades are pretty standard, but what I look for first is, "How smooth does the game run?" Pretty well, I'd say. Not seeing any glitches or slowdown, not fighting with the controls, not confused on how to get things done in the game.

It is, however, is a downer that you lose all your grades when you fail. I'd rather build up my character. On the other hand, that style has been used a lot recently, and this game is quite a bit more challenging due to the "one life or start from scratch" concept. Also, making money and keeping our character suitably upgraded does get frustrating when the value of coins we collect doesn't increase with the game's difficulty.

Lastly, the music that plays on the Game Over screen reminds me of something that we would hear in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Bonus points for making me smile. :D

It's games like these that need highscore tables! :O (with that I'm thinking of one integrated with the site- using the NG API). I love the idea, ducking bullets and surfing the waves amidst crazy critters buffets spewing flames, reaching a highscore that takes a minute to write out... the upgrades and constant rewards add to the addiction, and it's a fast-paced and constantly challenging mesh of carnage, wave after wave (symbolic too, in a water game) with some interesting bosses amidst the chaos. Nice work!


This has all the makings for a good game, but there are a few things that put it just below par unfortunately...
As a previous reviewer stated, the upgrades reset after you die, which makes it frustrating to lose all of that progress and have to start over.
Another thing is that it doesn't seem like the more difficult enemies drop any more currency than the weaker ones, making it grueling to earn for more upgrades.
The last thing I would comment on are the controls.
Personally I don't like using the mouse for games like this because sometimes the cursor jumps around at times and ends up outside the game screen, causing the character to get hit or go in a direction that I don't want him to.
On top of that, having to right click to drop bombs isn't very practical for people on laptops, so a more user friendly control scheme would make this gaming experience a lot more enjoyable.
The option to use the keyboard would have greatly improved this entry.
Other than that, I like the light hearted theme, ability to upgrade, and the challenge of this multi-directional shooter.

i really enjoyed it~~~
keep up the good work, and nice touch with da music