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This was created over the course of about 5 weeks. Roughly 80 hrs of work. I created it in Adove Flash CS6. I did not create the music. All copyright to the respective owners.

The Premise is that a young distressed man is a werewolf, and decides to tell his girlfriend. But just as he is about to confess, a transformation takes place...

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A stylefully sinister and atmospheric short! Nice work!


Levi-San004 responds:

I took a little inspiration from death note. If you know the series, Then you might recognise the jacket the girl is wearing to be similar to the jacket Light wears when he's on the bus in Episode 4

You got lazy on the last part! Practice some more by making animations!

Levi-San004 responds:

Thanks for the honest opinion. The ending was rushed, purely from time constraints. My original plan was to have him completely transform, clothes ripping, growing in size, but time cut that idea short. If I get some time off in the near future, I'll redo parts of the animation and refine them.

again, thanks for the honest opinion.

now newgrounds is restricintg our opinion (protected status wtf)

Okay, that was actually pretty good, I wasn't so sure what to expect of a movie called Werewolf, but it delivered what it promised. The art is pretty damn good, everything looked quite nice and you captured the whole thing quite well, the art does suit the feel of the movie. The animation isn't bad, but at the same time it isn't exactly good either. It just feels kinda sloppy in certain respects. However it's just about good enough for me not to care. The movie still holds up quite well despite the animation. Finally I'm not quite sure what the storyline is, girl meets guy, love at first sight or girl knows guy already and either way he's a werewolf, he turns and then what happens after is anyone's guess. Ok? It's a shame I had to read the comments to actually work this out.

Oh and for future reference, with music you actually have to put the name of the song and the artist/band/musician(s) who made it. It's still fruadulent even if you put "All copyright to the respective owners." you have to actually credit them for it.

For a short movie it's pretty good, I did enjoy it. It's probably the best animation I've seen so far today, cheered me up a little. Nice job man.

Levi-San004 responds:

This is probably the best comment I've ever received.

Parts of the animation appear sloppy. Thats a 'insurance' I guess that I use, I don't animate the overall project in order, because I know that over the process, the first few days, and last few days, the work is sloppier, so rather than have the start and end in poor animation, so I shuffle around so that theres maybe 1 or 2 pieces that are bad, and may be overlooked.

Thanks for letting me know about the copyright stuff, I'll be sure to correct that.

In terms of the story, I did cut out a few shots that I wanted to do because of time constraints, there was a shot I did where the 2 people embraced, establishing that these two knew each other, and had that connection.

Overall, thank you for this comment. I greatly appreciate it.

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Jun 17, 2014
1:34 AM EDT
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