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A short story about robots who act like men, and men who act like robots.

Made for "The Future: 2030" gamejam.

Left Mouse Button - activate the scanner to reveal an area around.
Right Mouse Button - activate the vacuum cleaner to pull small objects.
WASD and arrow keys - movements.
Spacebar or Escape or Enter/Return - pause game.
Build 1.2
~ Several major bugs fixed (incl. critical bugs in tutorial levels).
~ Many visual glitches fixed.
~ Added "skip intro" function.


I like the idea, and the separate powers of the cleaning bot. I like the variety of stages. I didn't like the hit test on the passages, the rounded robot functions as badly as a square one for navigating the narrow paths. Alas, this is no WALL-E, I didn't root for this little trashbot and got bored.

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This is the best of jam games a fun little puzzle game with a sad story.

This was actually a really good game, and of the "2030" games I've played, it's the one that seems to do the best job of eliciting that 'future' feel. The story is actually quite good. Also, what earned it four stars from me was that the gameplay was quite unique, especially the rain in the last level. That was quite innovative, IMO. I really got into the robot's point of view with the constant need to scan and manage energy.

There was only one major bug I hit, which would usually have been serious enough to make me give up on a game, which was on the first level. I'm not quite sure how I caused it, but during one of the tutorial pop-ups, I think I clicked or right-clicked at the same time it popped up, and the game completely froze at that point. I had to reload the web page to restart it. I guess I was intrigued enough by the premise of the game to bother restarting. Glad I did.

(Actually, on replaying the first level to remind myself about this bug, I noticed another quite major one. After clicking Play again (after completing it once), I'm not seeing the outlines of the 'a dump of discarded things' objects anymore. They are completely invisible, even after a scan.)

Aside from that, relatively bugless.

I think I won't quite go five stars because I think it could be a bit longer or more fleshed out, and also because I thought the story ending was a bit of a downer. :-( But considering it's for a contest/jam, I'd say fantastic job! My favourite so far.

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Dividebyzer0team responds:

Wow, thank you for the kind words)

Yeah, the game is a "little" rough, and we are still working on bugfixing and optimization (new build will arrive today, btw).
About dat bug you described - I think I know what it is and if so - it will be fixed in today's update.

So again, thanks for your patience and time ;)

Went through this game.
Not bad. Interesting gameplay, nice idea - world by robots eyes. Cant found any bugs. I recomend to try it.

Nice game. Fresh idea, pleasant gameplay, very nice sound effects. The puzzles are interesting to solve and I passed the game without any glitches and serious bugs.

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3.03 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2014
1:24 AM EDT
Adventure - Other