Bunker Down 2030

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In the year 2030, rolling blackouts, telecommunication disruptions, and rumors of targeted viruses being released cause a rush on supermarkets and gun sales to skyrocket.
Preppers go underground….it’s time to….BUNKER DOWN!

Manage your resources, survive paranoia, breakdowns, and food shortages, and make prudent choices to survive in the BUNKER.

Will the world still be there when you emerge?

Controls: Supports Mouse and Touch

Created for the Construct 2 Game Jam “Future 2030”

UPDATE - Fixed Bug which caused additional deductions if clicking above the "Click To Continue" Button during a Choice Event.

UPDATE - Optimized for better performance on Safari and mobile.

RECOMMEND Chrome or Firefox


its an okay game.. but there are entirely to many problem every day.. 4 survivors for 4 floors with all those problems.. add one or two more people and you got my vote.

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Way too hard. You *have* to use two people every week on food, and three on food every few weeks just to get by, leaving so little to deal with problems. The penalties for the events are WAY too harsh to stand a chance, considering something goes wrong every single week.

Then there was a bug with the give a woman food where clicking the continue did the same as answering no, decreasing morale with no way to stop.

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KoberGirl responds:

Bugs are fixed. But yes, you are right...surviving is about mitigating the horrible sh!t that happens. Survival is possible but you wont have much morale left in the end. I thought about making it easier but wanted to evoke stress. I hope to make more complex interesting games in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

There's a problem when you've got a logistics game where the logistics just don't add up. You have four levels, and four people. In an ideal world, you assign one person to each floor and everyone is happy. This game does not deal with the ideal world, in fact, the entire concept of the game is that the world is no longer ideal. However, you're hit with double whammies and triple whammies and random events on top of them without the manpower to deal with them.

To start with, you HAVE to have two people on food every week, or else everyone will starve. I learned that after about two weeks. That means you have two people left to take care of ammo, mechanical, and morale. On top of eating four units of food every week, you also often have issues with mechanical equipment almost every week, meaning you'll almost always have your third man assigned to mechanical duty, to help ward off those weeks where you're hit with massive mechanical failure. And if you don't have a massive mechanical failure, your survivors seem to think they need to shoot everything in site for shits and giggles instead of, you know, saving that ammo to repel an actual attack. Seriously, one of my events that I got was that the survivors were feeling homesick, and shot things to feel better! I lost eight freaking ammo because of that, and did I gain morale, as you'd expect? No! I lost morale because I ran out of a resource! It's infuriating that these guys are supposed to be preppers, and yet squander resources and then feel bad about it. I mean really? Eight freaking units of ammo, all because they just wanted to shoot stuff? This is why you're doomed from the get go! Then you put all spare guys (read two) into restocking the squandered ammo, and you're hit the next week with another massive mechanical issue that you couldn't prepare for at all because all your spare guys (once again, read two) were restocking ammo.

The entire point of that last paragraph is that every time you seem to need a non-food resource, you need almost an entire stockpile to take care of the issue, or non-issue, as my latest recounted event seems to indicate. And when you move manpower to restock the depleted resource, you get hit with another massive event that wipes out something else, making it a never ending cycle. "Two on food, Two on ammo" *Gets hit in mechanical* "Two on food. two on mechanical" *Gets hit on ammo* Lather, rinse, repeat until you have to focus on morale, least you run out of that resource.

You can't afford to neglect food, as it's the only resource that's always used, yet you don't have enough manpower to help stockpile it enough to focus on mechanical, morale, or ammo to help ward of disaster there. Even one more man would help change the dynamic of this game without making it too easy.

Did I beat the game? Yes, but just barely. That's not the point though. The point is, the player is always reacting to, not preparing for, a crisis. If I would have had one more random event, an additional triple whammy somewhere, I would have lost all morale just before the end, and thus lost the game. A real prepper would have prepared for as many eventualities as possible, and certain events, such as the one I described above, would never happen, as such a valuable resource shouldn't be wasted for mere fun. I give it a 1.5 star rating because it is, in the end, beatable, however, it's severely flawed in execution.

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KoberGirl responds:

Just putting one person on a floor is a poor use of resources. If you assign 1 worker you get 1 point. Assign 2 you get 3, 3=5, 4=7. This works for all resources except morale. I do appreciate your feedback and a long rant is actually a complement because it tells me you really wanted the game to be better. I will take you criticism seriously. I never intended the preppers to be a real simulation of ACTUAL preppers..more of a complete caricature. Thanks for the feedback.

Let's ban the boyscouts!
Aside from the silly politics, it's also not so great a game. To be expected from a jam product, perhaps, but then again there's a lot that's just inexcusable, like no volume control. Mechanical breaks completely so regularly it's not worth considering at all, the improved benefit of multiple people mean you should just alternate spamming them all on food and ammo. It's very easy, despite the worrying it gives you, and extremely simple.

So maybe I'm missing something though I seem to be stuck after the first choice of where I put my survivors. I put them in multiple places, when I hit "next" I get a message "survivors need to eat" Good information. Except now my survivors are missing my rooms are empty and there is no button to press to move on. I'm stuck on week 1 and have no idea where to go from here. Looks like a great game, would love to play through it but till there is more instruction 1 Star.

KoberGirl responds:

Each week you reassign your survivors...are the empty worker locations not there to click on after you click to continue When it says Survivors need to eat? I have not seen this bug...but would love to track it down...if I have more info. Sorry it was broken for you.

THANKS for the message. I couldn't send you a reply because you don't except messages if we aren't contacts. Yes, you were right! It does indeed seem to be a Safari specific problem. I need to look into it and talk to the Scirra guys cause I am probably not the only one having problems with Construct 2 games playing wonkey on Safari. I don't have a mac so its hard for me to test, but a friend said it worked on Firefox for the mac ok. Thanks again for helping me identify where the bug is.

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3.09 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2014
4:53 PM EDT
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