Bunker Down 2030

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In the year 2030, rolling blackouts, telecommunication disruptions, and rumors of targeted viruses being released cause a rush on supermarkets and gun sales to skyrocket.
Preppers go underground….it’s time to….BUNKER DOWN!

Manage your resources, survive paranoia, breakdowns, and food shortages, and make prudent choices to survive in the BUNKER.

Will the world still be there when you emerge?

Controls: Supports Mouse and Touch

Created for the Construct 2 Game Jam “Future 2030”

UPDATE - Fixed Bug which caused additional deductions if clicking above the "Click To Continue" Button during a Choice Event.

UPDATE - Optimized for better performance on Safari and mobile.

RECOMMEND Chrome or Firefox


Way too hard. You *have* to use two people every week on food, and three on food every few weeks just to get by, leaving so little to deal with problems. The penalties for the events are WAY too harsh to stand a chance, considering something goes wrong every single week.

Then there was a bug with the give a woman food where clicking the continue did the same as answering no, decreasing morale with no way to stop.

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KoberGirl responds:

Bugs are fixed. But yes, you are right...surviving is about mitigating the horrible sh!t that happens. Survival is possible but you wont have much morale left in the end. I thought about making it easier but wanted to evoke stress. I hope to make more complex interesting games in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

Let's ban the boyscouts!
Aside from the silly politics, it's also not so great a game. To be expected from a jam product, perhaps, but then again there's a lot that's just inexcusable, like no volume control. Mechanical breaks completely so regularly it's not worth considering at all, the improved benefit of multiple people mean you should just alternate spamming them all on food and ammo. It's very easy, despite the worrying it gives you, and extremely simple.

There is no real skill involved here, just random clicking, over and over. The gameplay quickly becomes monotonous, tedious and boring. It seems like all scenarios are stacked against the player. Does the game screen really have to slide up and down? It just wastes time waiting for a bunker level to lock then make a selection. The game just isn't interesting enough to be fun to play.

with completely randomized need for resources that always require you have a resource maxed in order to succeed, I fail to see how this is a game. Your better off re-purposing this as a gambling game

That was surprising, but fun none-the-less. I lost the first time, but I won the next time. agree with below, so linear, almost boring. go ahead and take 4.5 starts for good effort.

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3.09 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2014
4:53 PM EDT
Simulation - Other