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Tilt - (Demo)

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Author Comments

If you are having lag issues, HTML5 seems to run a lot smoother on Google Chrome.


Play as an AI and navigate your way through your creator’s test scenarios.

-- Controls --

- Gamepad
Left Analog Stick: Move Left & Right
A Button: Jump
Triggers & Bumpers: Tilt Left & Right

- Keyboard
A or Left Arrow: Move Left
D or Right Arrow: Move Right
W, Up Arrow, or Space: Jump
Z or Comma : Tilt Left
X or Period : Tilt Right


I ran very low on time, so I had to publish as is. I will continue this project in the future.

If you see any bugs, gimme a heads up. The more descriptive the better.

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The game is great. Every level is just a bit more difficult then the previous, so u really get to learn to navigate.I think it was challenging but fun. I did get stressed but that just motivated me to continue. And the music fits right in.

That was great.
Really, it was.
From a slow start at the beginning, you continually built on the mechanics that you presented.
Everything you saw in the previous levels was reused at some point later on in a more challenging way, even if it was simply the context that made it more challenging, and not it's usage. You seem to understand as well how people would be thinking at the time of playing, at least in some levels, (I'm talking of the rows of spikes and the bullets. In that they began to be grouped more closely, encouraging speed, and instead of ending it in a final run, they ended it with the same row as the beginning, forcing patience. )
This gets harder the further you go, and you need, NEED, to understand the mechanics to continue.
In Level 25, I was wondering if getting past the first obstacle was even possible, I couldn't manage even hitting the flips as hard as I could. But that wasn't the mechanic in play.

Seriously, the design of some of these levels is brilliant.
The only flaws are the gliding, and the lag.
When you run a bit, you start to glide, building up momentum, allowing you to make longer jumps, but when you combine that with precision platforming, especially with blocks that are specifically timed to fade away within the time span of a single jump, then you have problems. There's no chance to correct well. Combine this with the small, not overly noticeable, but it's there. It made some of the levels much harder than they needed to be.

Other than that, the music was pleasant, if at times clashing with itself, (personal opinion, but I felt like some songs didn't give the same 'feel' as the others.) All of them were good though.

A really good game. I kinda want to see more from you.

LOL at first I wasnt interested in this but started playing it and actually enjoyed it, more less.

I think you can work out on the graphics, being a game so simple you can do it way better

it's easy for little kids to accuse you of ripping things off. way easier than taking the time to learn a bit more about game design. it's always more fun to just rail against what you don't understand than to take the time to understand it.

i think this is great, though some of the levels were annoying in that they were fairly long and then a misstep sends you back to the start.

I like the design but the concept is somewhat old and overused. 3,5/5