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Earthbound- The Trees

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I started playing Earthbound last year and before I started my friend warned me about the trees. I kept this in mind and then it happened. This is pretty much a retelling of the horrifying experience, with some slight exaggeration.

Earthbound is a great game, and has some cool and weird stuff in it. The trees are not an exception. I'm glad I could finally finish this homage to the game. I wrote this back in November but didn't get to start animating it until the end of May. Personally I think this is better quality than anything I've made so far, so I'm surprised I managed to get it done in 2 weeks, especially since something this length would have taken me an entire month to animate last year. Maybe I've become more efficient... I don't know.

Anyways, feedback is appreciated as it only helps me get better as an artist, so be sure to leave a review!

Also, I recorded a bunch of timelapses of me making this thing, so you can check those out here if you want:

Also also, if anyone experiences any lag or slowdowns with the flash version, let me know and I'll swap it out for a video version ;3

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i played earthbound 3 times won it every time i know your pain
i know what it feels like to beat a tree
the fire it burns
happy happyism

bahahahahaha!!!!!!!! XD
played that game on my pc a few years ago. it was so weird and funny! lol
just like 5hours so I didn't make it anywhere really so whaever lol good stuff

I just got this game a couple days ago so thanks for the warning lol

I think it would be more interesting either for comical effect and for reasoning if the tree EXPLOUDED in flames cause damage instead of just randomly catching fire, but man, that was great, love the fact that the Earthbound community is rising all the time :)

Oh God, Earthbound! One of the best games I've ever played! How I hated those damn trees...