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Dress up with Jill 2

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Dress up with Jill Valentine from Resident Evil.
Choose from tons pieces of clothes!
You can complete challenges and earn money.
Buy clothes, additional characters and other things in shop.
Try to find few secrets.

I make dress up and quests challenges a lot of easier with unlimited attempts. Also remove from dress up challenges shoes and some another things.

Also I delete bugs when player can't see new clothes or can't change background!

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I can't put URLs into this, so I'm gonna do my best to describe what I have written down in my word doc.

Quiz Questions:

In which year appear first Resident Evil game? 1996

How Resident Evil called in Japan? Biohazard

Jill’s eyes color? Blue

In which movie Jill appear first time? Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Who played Jill’s role in movie? Sienna Guillory

In which team was Jill in Resident Evil 1? STARS

In which game co-op appear? Resident Evil 5

Which color of Jill’s panties in Resident Evil 3 outfit? White

In which year Jill was born? 1975

Jill’s Natural Hair Color? Brown

Dressup (I called the RE3 clothing pieces, the RE1 Hat, and the No Socks 1):

Pirate: Hat 3, Clothes 10, Pants 10

RE1: Hat 1, Clothes 2, Pants 2

RE3: Just what you started with

Revelations: Clothes 3, Pants 3

BSAA: Hat 2, Clothes 5, Pants 5

RE5 (Need "Accessories" from Shop): Jewel, Clothes 4, Pants 4

Schoolgirl (Need "Sexy Clothes" and "Sexy Skirts" from Shop): Clothes 12, Pants 11, Socks 2

Nurse (Need "Extra Hats" and "Pantyhose" from Shop): Clothes 9, Pants 8, Socks 5, Hat 5

BDSM (Need "Extra Bra" and "Hide Panties" from Shop): Clothes 17, Remove Panties, Socks 8, Bra 9

Nude, Wet: (Need "Remove Bra" and "Wet Body" from Shop): Self-Explanatory.


Mission 1: Find Herbs

Locations: Background 1 (Starting Background), left of staircase, Background 2, far right (retract panel to find it), Background 5, left, behind the bars, Background 6, on top of the vending machine in the back, Background 7, on top of bookshelf on right.

Mission 2: Kill Rats

Location: Background 2, shoot all rats (Unfortunately, giving Jill the assault rifle makes no difference for this)

Mission 3: Find Virus

Locations: Background 3, click on door-like thing behind Jill's shoulder, First and third switches go up, second and fourth switches go down.

Mission 4: Destroy Plant

Locations: Background 7, get 13% solution and test tube rack (left and right, respectively), Background 8, get 45% solution (on cart) and catalyst (right of 45% solution), look at instructions (Desk on left). Click "Mix Acids", Pour 13% into three of them and 45% into one. Take the Strong Acid to Background 6 and use on Plant.

Mission 5: Make Antidote

Location: Background 8, basically trying to form the reverse of the image given using the three changeable rows. Definitely the hardest part of the game. I will try my best to explain this without an image.

Row A: Line up the two white bars that are separated by one unit's space, and make sure that the remaining white bar is 2 units at the right, and one unit at the far left.

Row B: The one two-unit bar should be lined up with the second three-unit bar in Row A, left justified. The rest should fall into place when you do so.

Row C: The one two-unit bar should be lined up with the second one-unit in Row B, and the rest should fall into place once you do so.

(I apologize if this isn't a very good explanation of how to do the last part, but it was the best I could do.)

Extra Money:

$150 to the right of the staircase in Background 1

$600 from corpse in the bus in Background 2

$400 from corpse (between Jill's legs) and $200 from trashcan (back right) in Background 3

$1500 from small white crack in wall near floor below the cot in rightmost cell in Background 5

$1000 from car in Background 6

$1000 from cash register in Background 7

$600 from below the computer terminal in Background 8

Speed Pass for Impatient People: Bag of money (Put in "Cheats", case sensitive)

How the fuck do you dress jill up like a schoolgirl?

if you click on the vials when mixing the acids and you fail the next time you try it they stay full and there is no way to empty them

renewed my faith in the Jewish people. I'm officially retiring from ISIS