PewDiePie Buys Grapes

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In this riveting tale, PewDiePie buys grapes at the local marketplace. Originally slated for release on July 17, 2013, but ultimately decided against it. I have changed a few things, and I present to you, my masterpiece.


To be honest, the animation was a bit off and the joke was slightly humorous. I think the artwork couldn't been drawn with a little more care. The last part at the end was just lazy because anybody could make a person randomly spin around while move their legs. Take it from me, I have no animation program and I still can do it.

I think the textbox could have been a little more appealing. This was also very short and kind of takes the interest off at the end when I don't see the end result. In other words, the story didn't have a ending. It just started off and stopped with a guy moving in circles.

Also you've told me that I should apply more of a show, not tell rule yet, and you don't listen to your own advice because at the end, the purpose is written "Don't steal grapes idiot!" I would have to suggest two things to you for your next submission.

Suggestion 1: You could start taking a class in artwork, design, animation, look up videos, etc.

Suggestion 2: Try to look for something easier that may suit your skills and interest you.

I think you did put a lot of effort into making the movements more fluid and on your comedy, but after the way I was treated here, I've found that you can't focus on certain aspects that appeal to you, it must be everything.

I wish you good-luck for future projects and hope you take my advice on improving. I still liked it a little bit though.

FaceTwitPlus responds:

Hey.... thank for the advice man.... but I put lot of effort into learning Flash and the character designs.... thank for the advice again man...

Forget grapes. They want samples.

*inside joke*



This had neither a complete story nor any action. Good try but adding a little more plot and action would have made this a better video.

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Jun 12, 2014
3:41 PM EDT