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You are a young, aspiring goalkeeper who wants to leave his mark on international football. Can you stand the pressure and become the football legend?


This game is really excellent. Nice graphics, nice gameplay.

Not giving 5/5 because it could be better, is really hard to play, frustrating sometimes. Some games i have do defend 3 or 4 penalties, wtf? And it could warn what's comming, a crossing? a 1-on-1?
An intermmediate speed, the faster is too fast and the slower is too slow. And an easier way to pause the game.

I like the game. At first, I did not seem to get the hang of it and gave up out of frustration. I gave it a second look and devoted enough time to complete a season...of course I sucked, but I did not finish last.

I have given more time to the play and agree that some adjustments are needed, but my mouse reaction time has greatly improved out of necessity.

To all soccer fans, give this game a chance. Really good soccer game!!!

This is actually a really good game. The situations you face on the field are pretty varied, the feeling of nervousness and anticipation for each play is there, it's a lot of fun for those who can relate with being the last man on the defense. The only problem is accessibility.
Your hands are tiny and desperatingly unreliable, some plays give you almost no time to react and the perspective from the back of the net is so far, it would be better suited for the Oculus Rift than the computer screen.
But there are a lot of things that can be improved. The first one is to pause the play-by-play text before it's time to defend and put a "Play!" button to start the animation. That way we would have time to read what kind of play is coming and have about the same knowledge a real goalkeeper would have in those situations. Goalkeeping rule of thumb: "prediction avoids reaction". Almost every play in this game requires you to react, which is already hard enough, with little to no time to predict, which can cause the worst type of ragequitting: the "not trying this ever again" type.
There's a few more things like: more frames on the shooting animations (about 8 more, if you're running at 24 fps. on 1v1 plays it makes a lot of difference), crossing plays with more defined targets (am i blocking the guy on the near post, the far post or just defending the header? sometimes i can't tell), camera a little closer to the goal line (not too much, just get off the back of the net), so on and so forth. In conclusion, i'll say there's a lot of potential, but it needs polishing. Goalkeepers need more love, guys, we're kinda lonely.
3.5/5 plus a 0.5 bonus for the celebrity cameos.

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Guy below me is right. First game is way too hard. :C Shame, because this looks like an awesome game.

This game is OK but it takes some sharp reflexes to win. Gamers be warned, rage-quitting is highly likely.

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2.51 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2014
12:27 PM EDT
Sports - Soccer